Moo-free Chocolate: A review!

Moo-free Chocolate: A review!

The Peachicks love getting post anyway but when its a box with both bubble wrap & chocolate in it, it was like all their birthdays had come at once!!  They were lucky enough to be sent some samples of chocolate from Hammy Hamster, Maisy Moo & all their friends at Moo-Free chocolate!  Whilst dairy free chocolate is becoming easier to find, it is usually sadly made with soya which is not suitable for the Peachicks as at least one of them has a definite Soya Protein Allergy (although can eat soya lechithin).  Whilst Moo-free chocolate is not advertised as soya-free (labelled may contain traces of soya) it contains no soya ingredients.  Obviously use your judgement as to what is suitable for yourself or your littlies.  Moo-free chocolates are also gluten-free, wheat-free, egg-free, casein-free as well as vegetarian & vegan!

The Peachicks love Moo-free chocolate drops anyway, it doesn’t have that weird after taste or texture that dairy-free chocolate usually has, so they were VERY excited to be sent a box of bars with different flavours in; a full list of flavours and stockist are available on the Moo-free site which can be found here.   One of the things I really like about the Moo-free chocolate is the range of characters on the wrappers (Lily-Lu Lemur, Cheeky Chops Monkey, Mikey Bunny to name but a few oh and Hammy Hamster obviously!) and the came in little bars (Mini-Moos) as well as big ones!  I can give the Peachicks a small bar to share which means they can have a little treat without having too much.

Mini Moos Cheeky Orange:  YUM! I love the crispy bits, I’m a big fan of textures, and love chocolate with crispy/crunchy ingredients mixed in.  Elodie picked up the second bar and ran off so we’ll take that as a win!  Daddy’s view: ‘Tastes like a ‘proper’ chocolate orange I would’nt known the difference’.
Mini Moos Lily-Lu’s Minty Moos:  I love the combination of mint and chocolate together and this chocolate was not a let down, would be perfect with an after dinner coffee.  Next time I go to Waitrose for my decaf skinny cappucino I will be getting one of these to enjoy with it.  Alys: 10 – it was amazing!!) Millie: Wasn’t a fan but to be fair doesn’t really like mint.
Organic Cranberry & Hazelnut Bar:  A 100g bar with Organic cranberries & whole hazelnuts sprinkled over the top.  As such we only gave Elodie the chocolate.  The organic cranberries were really really big, full of flavour and went beautifully with the Hazelnuts.  This was one of my favourites and I find it hard to pick between this and the Caramelised Hazelnut Bars.
Caramelised Hazelnut Nibs Bar:  I found it quite hard to share this bar, the caramelised Hazelnut Nibs were awesome… I LOVE chocolate and nuts together and I have now hidden the rest of it!
Crunchy Banana Bar:  The overall verdict for this was that Daddy felt that there could have been more banana chips.  The chocolate was as always absolutely lovely just the peachick monkeys wanted more banana chips although they were fairly generously sprinkled over the top!  I decided against trying it as I have been known to have funny reactions to banana!

And so the final verdict…..
Mummy Peacock: Eeek how do I decide.  I think the Minty-Moos was my favourite Mini-moo and my favourite bar was the Caramelised Hazelnut Bar, the remainder of which is now in Mummy’s secret chocolate space in the fridge (but shhhhh don’t tell anyone!!)
Daddy Peacock: Organic Cranberry & Hazelnut Bar  – the cranberries were so fruity and chewy!
Millie:  ‘Crunchy Banana Bar – I love bananas!’
Alys: ‘I don’t have a favourite, they were brilliant, all of them’
Elodie:  The fact she ran off with all she could get her hands on, kept coming back for more along with the chocolate over her face said it all really – she loved them all!

I was also very excited to read that the lovely peeps at Moo-free chocolate are planning on releasing selection boxes in time for Christmas and up until 15th September they are offering a chance to win one so definitely go have a go!  I think I may have to invest in a few of these when they are released and keep them in the cupboard so that when the usual flood of mik chocolate selection boxes get given to the Peachicks by relatives I’ve got something to switch them with!!

I should add I haven’t tried cooking with Moo-free chocolate yet mainly because it doesn’t hang around in the house long enough!  I am going to get some chocolate drops as I have had a request for chocolate chip muffins and I will let you know how it goes!!
Although we were sent these samples for the purpose of this review, the Peachicks opinions are (as you would expect of chocolate loving little people) all their own – same goes for Daddy Peacock & I!!

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