Peachick Approved: Pulsin Kids Fruity Oat Bars

Peachick Approved: Pulsin Kids Fruity Oat Bars

September heralds the return of the school term and with it the challenge of allergy friendly lunchboxes! The Peachicks were excited to be sent a small selection of Pulsin Kids Fruit Oat Bars to try; these come in 3 flavours – Strawberry, Orange choc chip and Blackcurrant & Apple.  These bars are vegan, freefrom dairy, eggs, gluten & soya and count as 1 of your childs’ 5 aday.  The recipe is nutfree but the bars are made in a factory that handles nuts and peanuts so may not be suitable for nut allergy suffers.  In addition they contain only natural sugars (except the Orange choc chip which has xylitol sweetener in.)



The bars look like most of the other similar lunchbox bars on the market and smell really lovely when the packets were opened!  As there was a possible peanut traces risk I didn’t try them but the girls enjoyed them!  They looked a nice consistency too, not rubbery like some of the lunchbox bars can be.  I also like that they are Vegan, I am not a fan of animal products in things that claim to be made from fruit!





As for favourite flavours the 3 Peachicks each preferred a different one – Alys couldn’t try the Orange Choc Chip ones but really enjoyed the Blackcurrant & Apple ones.  She said the packaging was really nice although she thought (at 9) that the designs were for younger children.  Elodie really loved the animal packaging and her favourite was the Strawberry flavour.  Millie’s favourite however was the Orange choc Chip.  Her take on the packaging was that she didn’t really care as it was just to keep the bars nice for her to eat!




Overall these were pretty popular with the Peachicks and are available direct from Pulsin’ website or from Ocado for between £2.50(if you buy 3 boxes direct) & £2.99 for a box of 6.  Although at Ocado until 20/09/2016 they are  3 for 2.  When I do my freefrom shopping from Ocado I will more than likely add a few of these boxes.  You can also get 10% off by sharing on Facebook & Twitter that you have bought direct!


Peachick Verdict…

The girls each loved one of the flavours and thought the texture was nice and soft but not ‘like a rubber!’ Mummy likes that there is no added sugar in them; I reckon they would be a good alternative for those lunchbox days before the veggie box comes and we are fruit-less!


So these bars were quite a hit with the girls so definitely get a Peachick Approved badge!

Peachick (1)

**The Peachicks’ were sent samples of these bars but all opinions are their own… Peachicks’ are a determined bunch of independent littlies!**


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