Peachick Approved: Vita Coco Drink Review

Peachick Approved: Vita Coco Drink Review

Peachick Approved: Vita Coco drinks!Peachick (1)

We are great fans of coconuts in this house and use them in a variety of forms; flour, milk, oil, you name it we use it!  So you can imagine how excited The Peachicks were when they received a pretty package of lovely Vita Coco Drinks!


Coconut milk is a great dairy alternative and is fab in smoothies but somedays are just not smoothie days (although these make a great base for one!) Vita Coco drinks are made with a base of coconut water blended with coconut and/or fruit puree to make a variety of tasty flavours – we tried the pineapple, peach & mango, and chocolate drinks; alongside one of the Vita Coco Cafe drinks, containing coffee and skimmed milk.

** Images c/o VitaCocoUK **

These drinks come in a variety of sizes, the smallest being the 330ml cartons with screw top lid, perfect for lunchboxes – MY lunchboxes! (Well at least that was the idea) Having spent the morning stomping around the woods with a bunch of Pre-schoolers, I am always in need of something nice for lunch and these drinks have been fab!  They are refreshing but also quite filling as a quick snack – plus they don’t take a lot of effort to drink and can be resealed so if I can grab a quick mouthful here and there during crazy work days!   (I do think we tried these at the wrong time of year and that they will be a great cold from the fridge in the summer!)

** Images c/o VitaCocoUK **

Although we loved these drinks I was a little disappointed that the Cafe range is blended with skimmed milk and not coconut milk.  I can’t help thinking that it’s a missed opportunity to appeal to a whole market of those of us that don’t or can’t drink dairy!  That said they are still really good, it just means I can’t drink them very often and they are not suitable for vegans.  They retail at about £1.70 each for the 330ml drinks but in some larger supermarkets you can buy a multipack of 4 for about £5.  We have since added a large 1Litre carton of the chocolate to our monthly shop as the girls loved it so much which costs around £3.50 but lasts them for a good few days and is a great quick breakfast!


I don’t really need to ask the Peachicks whether they liked the fruit ones or not either.  On Friday’s I work from home and the school run is mine.  I grabbed a peach & mango drink and we headed out the door, once parked at school I managed to open the lid before the Peachicks walked off up the hill sharing it! And no there was none left for me!  Obviously I didn’t let them try the cafe drinks, seriously those girls do not need caffeine – but both Hubby & I really enjoyed them, especially straight out of the fridge!


I can safely say these are Peachick Approved!!



The Peachicks were sent these drinks for the purpose of this review but all their opinions are their own – I mean have you ever tried to change the mind of a Peachick, especially a ginger one?!!!


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