Peachick Diaries: Hillier Gardens in Autumn

The Peachicks are great fans of Hilliers – or the Sir Harold Hiller Gardens to give them, their full title! The place is great for little adventurers to take Parents & Grandparents alike to get them out in the fresh air and keep them out of trouble (and reward them with a nice coffee afterwards!)  Throughout the year there is lots of different activities to suit every age & budget AND there is even a holiday club for children.  We regularly visit and it is amazing how different the gardens look throughout the seasons and how even now we still manage to discover new areas to explore!  This time we ventured into the woodland at the top of the hill and found this ‘Reindeer Tree!’



Honestly the colours of some of the trees yesterday were just amazing, I was so sad I left my beloved, old Lumix at home as I could have decorated our lounge with canvases of the photos! Annoyingly the sun is shining again today but I have to wait in for my new bed otherwise I’d be there now! The reds, yellows & oranges stood out against all the green that is still around and these are just the trees in the car park!!


One advantage of living in the south is that it is still relatively warm at the moment, The Peachicks are wearing jumpers and boots more because I figured they should as its late October than because they actually need them!



The leaves underneath this tree were bright red on top and pink underneath – these were Millie’s favourite!  It’s that time of year when there is a few leaves scattered around but most are still on the trees.



And this is my favourite photo I have ever taken… it helps its of my favourite spot at Hilliers, I could literally sit here all day in the sunshine!




And of course a visit to Hillier’s would be complete without visiting the piggies! They are so cute and spent ages by the fence snorting and squealing at the gathered visitors!20161025_121449-2


The Peachicks favourite tree of all… Now you see them…



Now you don’t!!! (Leaving mummy stood talking to a bush looking like a right lemon!!)



Can you guess which tree The Ginger Peachick wanted to run too?!




And in case you were in any doubt as to how warm it currently is down here in the Tropical South… the gardens are still full of bees and dragon flies!



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10 thoughts on “Peachick Diaries: Hillier Gardens in Autumn”

  • That red tree is stunning! I love all the fall colors. The Netherlands turned right to brown it seems and I missed all the beautiful fall colors. Thanks for sharing your fall beauty with us. #WhateverTheWeather

    • Ah thats a shame! A lot of the trees round here are still in full green leaf which is lovely but I do love the colours of Autumn so pretty!

  • I love the amazing colours of the leaves at the moment. We went to Winkworth Arboretum in Surrey last weekend and it was just stunning! Sarah #WhateverTheWeather

    • They are gorgeous arent they! Although a lot of them are still green around here! Oooh Winkworth is not that far from us really it is def on our list to visit!

  • Wow those colours are amazing, looks like a fab place to visit and like the peacocks definitely enjoyed themselves 🙂 #whatevertheweather xx

  • I love it there too, although I didn’t know that there was piggies there! The colour of that red tree is fantastic.

    • Isn’t it! I was so annoyed I didn’t have my proper camera as my phone jsut doesn’t do the colours justice! Yes the piggies are up the hill from the pond in the woodland! They are very cute!

  • That’s funny that it’s still so warm down there! We had a frost this morning and have been wearing jumpers and jackets as it’s chilly until the sun is properly up! The trees are looking gorgeous in their autumn colours and love that you were talking to a bush, that must have confused passers by! Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather x

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