Peachick Diaries: Millie’s New Pets!

Peachick Diaries: Millie’s New Pets!

In honour of our very exciting New Additions to the family (Millie’s New Pets – Leaf Insects) enjoy a very special Guest Post from the Mini-Me Entymologist in training herself – My little Millie Moo! 

I got 5 leaf insects and they are very little at the moment.  They are the size of my thumb nail that is how small they are.  They look like little leafs and are the colour green with stripy legs.   They are green to camouflage them so lizards and other animals cant eat them.  If you blow on them they will wiggle with the breeze!  I really like them because they are creepy crawlies and interesting to watch!  They are really easy to keep and really easy to clean out.




Leaf  insects have 6 legs and you have to be very careful with them other wise you break their legs.  They have a pattern on their legs which looks like a zebra.  Sometimes they wave their front legs around and look like they are a dancing leaf!



How to look after them…

1. Where do they live?

Leaf insects can live in a plastic box.  It has to be tall – Mummy says it needs to be 3 times longer than the leaf insects!

2.  What do they need in their house?

At the bottom you need to put kitchen towel or toilet roll to catch the poop!  They need some blackberry leaves with long stems so you can put them through a hole into water.  Their house also needs lots of tiny holes for ventilation.



3.  What do they eat?

My Leaf Insects eat blackberry leaves.

4. How do you clean their house?

Every few days, put the leaf insects into a small pot (with lid!) and clean their big house.  First take everything out, throw away the old leaves and paper and then get some more.  

5.  What are their names?

Brian, Ben, Lily, Max and Bramble!

6. Did you have to do anything special before you got them?

Mummy & me looked on the internet and learnt how to look after them.  We ordered them a house and made sure we had food for them in the garden.



…..Millie’s Top Tips:

  1.  Count them before you put the lid on.
  2. Cover the water  because if you don’t they will drown if they fall in!
  3. Let them walk onto your hand.  Don’t grab them or you might squadge them!
  4. Snip the sharp spikes off the leaves and snip a little bit off from around the leaf to make it easier for them to eat!
  5. Leaf insects like being warm but not too hot.





Mummy Says:

These are great first pets for children and as they have no fur are great for children with allergies! As long as they are cleaned out regularly and the paper on the bottom is kept dry there wont be any mould or dust from their bedding like other pets.  Whether you choose stick insects or leaf insects, they all come in different shapes, sizes and colours!

*** Remember to wash the leaves before you put them in the tank as they will be covered in pollen, pollution & mould spores – not great for grumpy lungs or the Leafie’s tummies!***


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