Peachick Diaries: Allergy & Freefrom Show Shopping List 2017

Peachick Diaries: Allergy & Freefrom Show Shopping List 2017

This weekend is THE event of any FreeFromers Calendar – its the The Allergy & FreeFrom Show in Olympia! As always it is co-locating with both the Just V show (veggie, vegan) AND Love You Love Natural (home, beauty & more) so it is absolutely HUGE!  Billed as ‘the world’s largest celebration of ‘free from’ food, drink and lifestyle products’ there really is something for everyone – hardest part is working out how to carry it all home!  Our tip don’t leave home without a trolley suitcase and a cool bag!

Best of all – the whole thing is FREE to get in!!!  (Yep actually, Free… just download a ticket, remember your trolley and & spending money!


The Peachicks will yet again be on the loose, for the whole of Saturday and in preparation have poured over the wealth of exhibitors to bring you their Allergy & Freefrom Show Must See List 2017!

(The new Lemur Walkthrough is opening at Marwell Zoo on 7th July – the Peachicks have been waiting MONTHS for it to be finished.  There was much discussion about which they would go to, although obviously this involves food so sorry Lemurs! We’ll come wave another day!!)


These are listed in no particular order and you can find a full list of exhibitors  here . Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram  Twitter and Facebook (@Peachicksbakery), for more Freefrom Finds throughout the day!


FreeFrom Fairy

This has to be our favourite flour and comes in bags of both self raising and plain.  Not only is it glutenfree and contain no rice flour BUT it tastes amazing and just works perfectly in everything!  Best of all it is full of wholegrains and who wouldn’t want to buy their flour from a fairy?!


Moo Free Chocolates

Always a staple on our shopping lists, Moo Free Chocolates are dairyfree & soyfree (and yummy too!) so perfect for The Peachicks!  Their range includes big bars, ‘Mini Moos’, chocolate drops and baking drops.  My absolute favourite is the hazelnut & cranberry bar, although Elodie says the Minty Mini Moo is the best!  You can read our (fairly old now) review of Moo Free Chocolate bars here, or have a go at our Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies made with the amazing baking drops!

When the Peachicks spoke to Hammy Hamster earlier in the week, just to check their favourite chocolate treats would be there, they were excited to receive this reply:

“I’m so happy to announce that my delicious Moo Free Chocolates will be sold at The Allergy and Free From Show! All my chocolates are free from dairy, lactose, wheat, gluten and soya. Make sure you pop on down to stand A631 so my friends can meet you all! Love, Hammy Hamster x”.



For Millie anything that involves a roast potatoes or actually any root veg is instantly a winner. So when we heard about Toshka’s food, she was sold!  A range of vegan, veggie, dairy and meat toppings on a bed of delicious seasonal roasted veg – guess where we are having lunch!  In their own words ‘Toshka is about country food with a city twist.  Our mission is to provide a range of healthy, filling meals to all foodies, irrespective of food preferences, dietary requirements or personal appetites.  And we’re entirely gluten and nut free!’

Heck Sausages

Matt will be visiting Heck Sausages to add to the toppings of his Toshka lunch!  Millie is also a big fan.  They are a little bit more expensive that other sausages BUT they are so worth it.


Rana’s Artisan Bakery

Unusually these Glutenfree Breads are a) absolutely beautiful with a great texture and b) Peachick safe containing no dairy, eggs or soy!  We will definitely be picking up a mix or two on Saturday!



These vegan cheeses are SOYFREE and our absolute saviour.  We are already big fans of the Prosciano wedge, creamy Violife and the block cheese so with news of a mediteranean style block AND a blu to try this still is a definite must visit!  But don’t take our word for it – check out our amazing Vegan Cheese Scones made with Violife Cheese!

May is the month of the #FreefromPicnics challenge and for my contribution I give you these Vegan Red Onion & Chilli Cheese Scones. Lovely soft, fluffy scones with a delicate cheese flavour and a gentle warmth from the chilli flakes! (Dairyfree, Eggfree, Soyfree and suitable for Vegetarians)


KOKO Dairyfree

This is our go-to soyfree milk and yoghurt alternative so its a no-brainer that Koko Dairyfree is on the list!  The range includes milk, milkshakes, yoghurts and spreads, and they have even released an unsweetened version of the milk.  The yoghurts are beautiful and even better are very reasonably priced and unlike some other soyfree, vegan alternatives, they also contain calcium!

It is hard to choose the best use for Koko Dairyfree as we literally use it for everything.  Its great for baking, cappuccinos, scones, poaching, slow cooker recipes, curries….. well you get the picture, and here is one of our decadent chocolate layer cake, made with the milk!

Everyone loves a good chocolate cake. And this Easy Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake (Dairyfree Eggfree) from The Peachicks' Bakery is definitely a very, very good chocolate cake!


AND Finally….

No list would be complete without….

Freedom Mallows, Vegan Marshmallows

These dairy, soy, egg, gelatine free marshmallows were the discovery of the show last year.  The Peachicks LOVE them and I am pretty sure they ate the majority of the samples both at London and Liverpool!  These are also our traditional present to bring home to the girls besties, who are vegetarian!


The list is by no means exhaustive, there are plenty of other stands to explore.  There are a few toothpaste alternatives in the Love Natural Show I want to check out for Alys and Millie & I want to check out the natural skincare too!  Like I said check out our Instagram feed & stories on Saturday to find out what we have discovered and what the Peachicks are eating!



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