Peachicks’ Bakery Best of 2017

Peachicks’ Bakery Best of 2017

ith 2018 swiftly approaching, read The Peachicks’ Bakery Best of 2017. Find out our Top 5 recipes, catch up with all the news from Plot No17 and discover my exciting plans for the next 12months!

Vegan Hazelnut Espresso Brownies

In some respects not a lot has changed around here and to be honest I’ve been quite overwhelmed with everything.  Sitting reading the round up from 2016 I could very easily just cut & paste most of it.  We have had another year of trouble with both the school and nursing team leading to more pointless paeds appointments with all three Peachicks.  Is it just me or do hospital consultants have some kind of switch for their hearing that turns it off as soon as a parent walks in?  Despite a postive skin prick test for egg & being given a list of skin, respiratory & digestive symptoms she has when eating them, we have a letter stating ‘Digestive Intolerance to Egg’  WT..?!


Mind you we also now have it in writing that the girls are thriving and confirmation that none of them have life-threatening allergies.  SO depending on the results of coeliac testing, first job of 2018 is to cancel all remaining appointments as there must be other families who need them more!


BUT not all is doom & gloom…

Back in October I got the chance to go to BlogCampOnBoard and spend the day on the stunning MSC Preziosa with a lot of other bloggers, including the vast majority of our little FreeFrom Gang!  The website & social media accounts continue to grow steadily AND…


AND it is safe to say I am completely hooked…

With 2018 swiftly approaching, read The Peachicks' Bakery Best of 2017. Find out our Top 5 recipes, catch up with all the news from Plot No17 and discover my exciting plans for the next 12months!


After years of being on the list, we finally got the call that there was a little plot available just a short wander from our house.  All we had to do was pick one and so in March No17 became ours!  Its been a really succesful year and we are in the final stages of putting together the plan for 2018… All our seeds have been ordered, we have decided on a final layout and we have a plan to grow Christmas Dinner next year.  Watch out for more posts coming soon including an exciting collaboration with First Tunnels and many more recipes & growing guides too. You can catch up with all our adventures from our little Lottie here


Peachicks’ Bakery Best of 2017 – Top 5 Recipes

This has been the most prolific year for recipes on The Peachicks’ Bakery but choosing the Top 5 most popular has been a bit of a challenge as halfway through the year I restructured the way the post addresses are written.  But here goes!

The most visited continues to be my  Slow Cooker Lamb Breast (ironic for someone who doesn’t really eat a lot of meat!) It was originally written in 2015 but has been  updated with new photos.


But which of the new Peachicks’ Bakery recipes for 2017 were the most popular?


  1. Lemon Drizzle Cake (DF EF Vegan)
  2. Victoria Sponge Cake (DF EF NF Vegan)
  3. Vanilla & Chocolate Marble Cake (DF EF NF Vegan)
  4. Almond & Vanilla Viennese Whirls (DF EF GF PF Vegan)
  5. Salted Caramel Popcorn Cupcakes (DF EF NF Vegan)

Vegan Salted Caramel Popcorn Cupcakes (Dairyfree, Eggfree). Caramel flavoured cupcake, topped with buttercream & piled high with homemade salty sweet popcorn! So easy to make, but will definitely impress!


And my favourite of 2017?

Asparagus & Pea Spring Salad with Vegan Cheese Toasts – a beautiful spring salad, filling enough for a main meal and elegant enough for any dinner party starter. The star of this gorgeous dish is Miss Millie’s No17 Asparagus lovingly tended by the Middle Peachick herself!



My Resolutions for 2017 were…

To set up a designated ‘blogging & photography’ space in the conservatory by converting the Peachicks’ old cot!  DONE!

For my birthday last year I was given a photo tent & lighting which has helped sort out my photos.  They are still not quite where I want them to be.  But part of this is down to both the monitor on my laptop and Lumix starting to fail.  So currently I am using my phone to take & edit all the photos.

Climb the Foodies100 chart to get into the top250.  DONE-ish (For one Month!)

Hmmm… Not a lot of movement on this one but they keep changing the metrics its measured on so I’m not that bothered to be fair!

Asking for a decent phone for my birthday so that Insta feed doesn’t look quite so much like a trainwreck! DONE!

And I love it too!  Its a Moto G4 and I’m pretty sure I run my whole life off it!  If only it could do the laundry…

Experiment with Gluten free, vegan baking and get more slow cooker recipes posted  YES!!!!!!

Gluten & I are not the best friends and it definitely doesn’t do the Peachicks any good.  While glutenfree cooking is really easy, baking without eggs too can be tricky but I reckon for most things I have got it sussed! Ok so vegan meringues & macarons still elude me but I will get there!


Well actually I don’t think I have done too badly – there were four resolutions I didn’t manage to achieve but trying to work almost full time alongside all the extra hours I have to do at home there isn’t a lot of time to squidge the website which brings me neatly onto my resolutions for 2018…

  1. Continue to develop the photography on the site
  2. Get more organised (a girl can dream can’t I?!)
  3. Expand the No17 posts – more growing guides, recipes & updates
  4. More seasonal & family meal recipes


So all that is left is for me to wish you all a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Midgie x

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