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Peachick Approved: Head Over Heels Gymnastics Books & Dvd Review

Head Over Heels Gymnastics Books Apps and Dvds are a great resource for budding gymnasts of all ages.  With bright, bold illustrations, easy to follow instructions plus great tips & tricks to achieving poses with perfect precision and adding that extra sparkly flair to floor & apparatus work.  These are a great compliment to regular gym classes and have proved to be a lovely activity for The Peachicks to do together!


You may have noticed that The Ginger Peachick *may* be a teeny tiny bit obsessed with Gymnastics.  Ever since she was 3 and watched the 2016 Olympics, my little ginger ball of energy has been flipping, jumping, swinging and balancing on any and every object she can find.

(We have already had one sofa casualty because she repeatedly flipped over the back of it!) 

She has saved all the gymnastics films into my favourites on Netflix and has watched Full Out so many times even I know most of the words!

Currently, Elodie does gym once a week and although she LOVES her gym classes, there is often not the time to get the specific technical instruction that she wants…

Now at 5, that is ok with me, I am quite happy for gym to be about fun, fitness and funneling her endless energy.  BUT Miss Elodie wants to learn.  She wants to know exactly where, what angle and how to place each part of her body to learn each skill.   Classes are great but with so many kids in them, there isn’t the time for achieving the precision Elodie wants.

Thankfully Head Over Heels Gymnastics Books & Dvds came to the rescue, sending Elodie a few goodies* to try out!


Pair & Trio Balance Book

Volume 2 Pair and Trio Balances Book is aimed at children aged 6+ and encourages children of all ages and abilities to work together to achieve beautiful balances.

From £11.49 

Head Over Heels Gymnastics Books & Dvds are a great resource for budding gymnasts.  With handy tips & tricks to achieving poses with perfect precision!
Photo credit: Head Over Heels Gymnastics


The flipchart style books are a great size, very robust (been taken up and back to the allotment & landed on multiple times) and with the progression of skills will keep even our determined diva happy for many years to come.

Some of the balances have been trickier for The Peachicks to achieve with such differences in size and strength but has been a great experience for them to try.  As a mum & a teacher, its been lovely to watch their problem solving and communication skills as a group grow and flourish with each challenge they tried.  And with the youngest being the one with all the skills & experiences its been interesting to watch the dynamic of their relationship as sister change slightly.

Listening to the giggling has been really lovely too!

The girls have found that practicing the individual parts to the simpler balances before putting them together has worked well for them.  Elodie, particularly has relished the challenge of perfecting and holding the more difficult positions.

Head Over Heels Gymnastics Books & Dvds are a great resource for budding gymnasts.  With handy tips & tricks to achieving poses with perfect precision!

Millie has enjoyed trying the components of the balances on her own – these have given her a taste for gym and we are currently looking into her starting a recreational class to build her core strength and confidence.  After borrowing the Volume 1 Floors Skills book off a friend I have downloaded the free poster from the Head Over Heels website and have just ordered a copy of the book for Millie so she can practice at home!


Floor Beam DVD

Volume 3 Floor Beam DVD is aimed at children 8+ and covers ‘everything you need to master the essential beam skills’ From £12.99 or available as a bundle with an 8ft folding floor beam for £79.99 on the website.

Head Over Heels Gymnastics Books & Dvds are a great resource for budding gymnasts.  With handy tips & tricks to achieving poses with perfect precision!
Photo credit: Head Over Heels Gymnastics

This has been a little trickier to get photos of the girls using the dvd.  We have quite a large lounge/dining room that is currently full of rather a lot of furniture so indoor space is a little limited.  Although there is enough space for Elodie to practise her balances and beam positions.



We have however since found the portable dvd player so that the girls could take it up to the allotment with them and practice on the wide, grassy roads between plots.   And they have had a great time and Elodie is currently saving for the folding floor beam to go with it! (I have now bought a cheap floor beam from Amazon just for the allotment but I don’t expect it to last very long.)  The Peachicks have used an old wood decking board outside to practice basic balances, holds and travelling along the beam, which worked well but not sure I would recommend it! 

The dvd is easy to navigate, with clear bright video and simple, instructions.   Everything is voiced over by Gemma Coles, the head coach and there are extra post-its that pop up to reinforce the technical top tips!  Being able to see how the gymnasts respond to the instructions and extra tips is a great visual aid for children like Elodie who learn by watching and doing.


Head Over Heels Gymnastics Books & Dvds are a great resource for budding gymnasts.  With handy tips & tricks to achieving poses with perfect precision!


Its been great conditioning for Millie, as we continue to build up her strength having finally found a diet that works well for her and has led to her asking for gym lessons come September.  And more importantly she has had fun… Lots and Lots of FUN!



Elodie particularly enjoyed the beam dvd. The hints and tips on correct positioning of head, hands, feet etc are exactly the details that she likes to know.  It proved to be great in the run up to her first competition and have no doubt it helped her finish with a silver medal!



Also Available from Head Over Heels Gymnastics…

  • Volume 1 Floor Skills Aged 5+  & described as a ‘must-have for gymnasts starting out in their gymnastics career and wanting to perfect the fundamental skills’.
  • Join Gymnastics Storybook: Ages 3+
  • Bundles – Various bundles of the books, dvds and posters to suit different needs.
  • Free Poster Downloads – a laminated copy of the basic skills one is currently residing in Elodie’s bed for safe keeping!


There is even Year R lesson plans on the website shop which look fab and I have downloaded to use with the children at work.  Even better than that – they are completely free to download alongside a host of other great resources!






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