#sdfiverchallenge with Sports Direct

#sdfiverchallenge with Sports Direct

Picking Peachick Presents with Sports Direct #sdfiverchallenge & Britmums

I don’t think my love for Christmas is a secret… I LOVE all the glitter, good food, meeting with friends & of course, the gifts!  And by gifts I don’t mean those photos that go around Instagram every year where people boast about how many hundreds of presents they have bought for each child… For us Christmas is about a few thoughtfully chosen gifts given to special people and then spoiling everyone with food & company!  The Peachicks buy each other presents but this year Alys has asked to do some shopping of her own so when Britmums & Sports Direct asked me to take part in their #sdfiverchallenge I knew this was a task for her!

“This post is an entry for BritMums #sdfiverchallenge Christmas Challenge, sponsored by Sportsdirect.com” 


On the Sports Direct website you can specifically search for gifts by price.  Selecting gifts from £0 to £5 brings up a wealth of choice and Alys & I spent a good while trawling through them all.  Finally she picked out four gifts, one for each of her sisters and then two others for Elodie.


Each of these gifts has a reason behind it.


The Make your Own Crystal Creations set was picked for our mini scientist Millie.  In this house encouraging our girls to follow their interests in STEM (& maybe careers) is important to us.  We are determined to bring them up to follow their own agenda in life… and yes that does mean digging manure into the allotment beds while wearing bright pink dresses with neon leggings and flashing welly boots!  This set is great value for money and yes I know its all quite ‘girlie’ shapes and colours but its right up Millie’s street.  (Sorry I absolutely do not agree with imposing neutral colours & shapes on my girls who absolutely LOVE pink)



Then there is the Lalaloopsy doll.  As soon as Alys saw it, she had to get it for Elodie.  We have a few Lalaloopsy’s around the house – all Millie’s – that Elodie LOVES… plus this one has bubbles for her hair.  When Elodie is in the bath, Alys has always made loads of bubbles and piled them up on Elodie’s head before calling her ‘BUBBLE HEAD’ and they both fall about giggling!


While we were scouring the website, Elodie started dancing around singing the Paw Patrol theme tune – She is HUGE fan of the ‘spotty one’ & Skye.  So when Alys saw this little magnet scribbler she begged to have it in the basket!


And finally… The hairbeading tool (not photographed) she bought for Millie to give one of her friends as a birthday present.  She decided that she would get something that Millie’s friend could use when they go to each other’s houses for tea.


*We were sent these in return for this post but all thoughts & opinions are our own!*



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