Special birthday, special treats!! (Chocolate Mint Cupcakes & Raspberry Macaroons)

Special birthday, special treats!! (Chocolate Mint Cupcakes & Raspberry Macaroons)

Chocolate Peppermint cupcakes with vanilla frosting    &    Raspberry Macaroons P1150784 By the time this post gets published tomorrow me and the girls will be on the road for our annual adventure to visit my family.  It’s a day we always look forward to, with family living so far away we don’t get to see them anywhere near as much as I would like.  So as you can imagine there are some very excited Peachicks in this house this week!  My Nanny has a very special birthday coming up next week and so we are making up some P1150824special treats to take with us – some chocolate peppermint cupcakes, a batch of raspberry macaroons (the coffee ones were a disaster) AND the biggest Peachick is knitting her a little something too!   Plus its a good excuse for me to use my new find – silver shimmer spray (I’ve used the Dr Oekter one).  It makes everything including peachicks and kitchen worktops sparkly and princess like!! The recipe for the macaroons is the same as the one for the Easter macaroons from 2012 and can be found here.  Here are a few pictures of this latest batch complete with freeze dried raspberries on top and a dark mint chocolate buttercream & raspberry jam filling…





Ingredients: makes 18 (12double scoop & 6 single scoop cupcakes, 180C, 15mins)

60z Caster Sugar

6oz Dairy Free Spread

2oz Cocoa Powder

2 capfuls Peppermint extract

3 eggs 6oz Self raising Flour




1.  Cream the spread and sugar together in a big bowl.P1150721 P1150718


2.  Whisk in the eggs, cocoa powder and peppermint extract! I had help for this step – little smush and her cute pudgy hands!


3.  when its nice and smooth fold in the flour gently


4.  Spoon into cake cases – this amount of batter made 12 double scoop cakes and 6 single scooP1150723p cakes. The Scoop I use is a small ice-cream type scoop about the size of a melon baller (from Pampered Chef).


5.  Bake for around 12-15mins at 180C until skewer comes out clean.


6.  Once cool decorate…. or let the peachicks loose decorating with some supplies from Sainsbury’s including ready made buttercream, butterflies, silver pearls and chocolate coffee beans! Here are some pictures of the creative process!!

Elodie’s…… (E’s cake appears to get less decorated and then she ate it!)











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