The Ginger Peachick is 3!!

The Ginger Peachick is 3!!

When this post is published at 9.24am on the 19th February it will have been 3 whole years since you & your red hair arrived tiny and yelling.  Not much changes, you just got a bit bigger… and hilarious, as exhausting as 3 years with little or no sleep has been you always seem to manage to make everyone laugh with that cheeky,  mischievous sense of humour you have!!

I could list all the things you have learnt to do & say but to be honest its not really important  to us as long as you are happy & healthy (or that you seem to have already worked out how to use that big brain of yours to cause trouble!)  You are allergic to quite a lot, like your sisters, but it doesn’t really bother you and you are quite noisy in making sure noone feeds you things that will make you poorly!




I’m guessing by now we will be filling the picnic basket ready for a day at Marwell with Daddy & your sisters!  And I am also guessing your birthday picnic goes along the lines of olives, pickled onions and cake!  Enjoy your day little Miss Elodie Primrose Peacock, we love you very much… ginger tornado peachick!!


And because I can – here are some of my favourite pictures of you from the last three years!!





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