The Great Milk Experiment: Attempting Stage 1 of the Milk Ladder!

A rescheduled visit to dietician over the summer confirmed what we had been expecting/dreading… The littlest Peachick was old enough to try her on milk again… So read our experience of Attempting Stage 1 of the Milk Ladder!


My face must have been a picture as I sat there in total silence!

Moments later… 
Ok I’m thinking, deep breath, make sure you listen to the nice lady trying to persuade you that it is the right thing to do despite every part of me silently turning into a dribbling wreck.  Wish Daddy Peacock was here… Concentrate, take the information in, go home and get him to decide!  Like it. Good idea. Seems a bit mean thou letting him make it on his own and probably wouldn’t be counted as the most responsible 5mins of motherhood I’ve ever had!  Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!
Someone get me the sticky tape I’m about to fall apart!  
Oh great I just broke my flip-flop and the Peachicks are fighting over the nice lady’s toys…. Stage what now?!  Hmm probably should listen!  Oh she’s finished damn it.  I Say Goodbye and walk bare footed back to the car kids moaning about how starving they are!  (double grumpy now they were my favourite flip-flops!)
Apparently there are 4 stages of milk introduction and the dietician would like us to spend a month on each of them starting with milk powder/dried milk products like whey in processed baked goods like biscuits and finishing with raw, unprocessed cheese and milk.  She like me is sceptical just how far we can get through the stages considering neither the biggest Peachick nor me can managed to eat anything on stage 3 or higher everyday!  Thankfully the dietician does seem realistic in her expectations but the thought of ‘experimenting’ on the littlest Peachick doesn’t sit well with me.  Having said that I would love her to be able to do what her big sister does which is go to a birthday party and be able to eat anything she wants just for that day. We already know that she can manage Stage one products occasionally but everyday?!  For a month?!
So its has been one month… exactly one calender month since The Great Milk Experiment began.
The littlest Peachick has munched her way through fig rolls, custard cream biscuits, digestive biscuits and an occasional mini cheddar (not sure they are stage 1) and I am pleased to report that aside from a few tiny patches of eczema (that lasted about 36hours) and one tiny patch of hives (prob unrelated) there have been NO REACTIONS!!!  Whoop Whoop!!
One biscuit a day, everyday has caused her no problems at all I’ve started to get a little excited now and she is happy!  No wheezing, No upset stomachs and No weight loss as far as I can make out!  Woooooooooo!
Daddy Peacock reminds me we need to move onto stage 2… excitement over!  Stage 2 is apparently sunflower spreads, butter, skimmed milk baked into cottage pies, pasta bakes etc.
So I adapted a recipe from our Bread machine recipe book for Chelsea Buns.  I have omitted the eggs as I know she has had reactions to these in the past and substituted the milk powder and water for skimmed milk.  To make these dairy free I just use Oat Milk… Soya experiments are a very, very long way away… probably never to happen!
As I have rambled quite enough I have put the recipe in its own little post… HERE!

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