Visiting The Lake at Forges-Les-Eaux

Read the latest Peachick Diaries entry, all about Visiting The Lake at Forges-Les-Eaux, France.


We do love visiting France!  Don’t forget to read our Handy Hints for Travelling to France by Road & Sea and Visiting Rouen with Allergies!


Monday is a fairly quiet day in France, a lot of the shops are shut (even in a big city like Rouen) so is a good day to get out and about for a walk!  We took the Peachicks for a ramble around the lake in Forges-les-Eaux, which is not far from where we are staying.  This very cute little town is worth a visit; as well as the beautiful lakes there are lots of restaurants, swimming pool (complete with opening roof for the summer) and the Forges Hotel & casino.  It is also part of the ‘Avenue Verte’, a network of cycle paths linking London to Paris (via Newhaven-Dieppe Ferry).

Considering it was Monday and the Peachicks had spent a lot of time in the car the day before a run in the fresh air around the lake seemed like a good idea. With this in mind we had a good breakfast of croissants, pain au chocolat and pain aux raisins before realising that it had actually snowed quite a lot during the night! Obligatory snowball fight finished we packed into the cars and rolled out.

Snowy house

2. View from the garden gate of snowy house, Roxy and Daddy Peacock taking a photo of me taking a photo!!

The weather was absolutely freezing and the lakes were very quiet, even the usually noisy ducks were fast asleep on their little island! The cold wasn’t enough to deter us from having a wander around the first lake and fun was had by all with welly boots jumping in the puddles!


The Ducks have their own little island and were huddled up just under the tree where a black swan was sitting on her nest!  Later on a couple of the ducks did venture down the lake but looked like tiny boats on a stormy sea as the wind was quite strong!


The road runs right alongside the short end of the first lake but there is a fence and path so you need never go near it!  The trees are beautiful in the summer but I quite like this photo of the big evergreen that stands watch over the lakes!



There is a giant chessboard with giant pieces that are usually out in the summer, being that it was winter and they were packed away the Peachicks had lots of fun being ‘prawns’, ‘hunicorns’ and Queens.  Millie was a great Queen and yelled ‘The Queen is coming’ everytime it was her turn to move!!  Alys kept an eye on everyone and made sure everyone only moved how they were supposed to, although like the rest of us gave in as Elodie marched from one end to the other being ‘the Princess!’







I’m sure the Peachicks can find somewhere to run, climb and jump anywhere!


Oh the organisation that went into this photo! And I’m still not sure they are all looking in the same direction!


P1170840 (2)

The two lakes are separated by a land bridge, the path around the second lake is a bit more natural – its quite rough compacted stones but at the end of it there is quite a nice place to picnic in the summer!





P1170841 (2)


P1170847 (3)
I think this is my favourite photo of the day, my little Millie all bundled up and doing what she does best – just being somewhere and taking it all in!

P1170846 (2)Elodie is definitely growing up fast – she is such a little character, so cheeky and fiercely independent!!


Two days later the temperature hit -8C and the lake completely froze over…


frozen lake 1 frozen lake 2 frozen lake 3 frozen lake 4



And in case you are ever in the area here is some more information…

For more information about the area (shops, swimming pool, casino etc) both the official Forges-les-Eaux site and the Tourist information site (which can be translated into several languages including English).



There are two lakes you can walk around with a tarmac path around the first and rougher compacted stone one around the second, smaller lake. The walk is generally flat although at the furthest point of the second lake the path meanders off into woodland and becomes steep in places, so probably not suitable for wheelchairs (although yes we have done it with Daddy Peacock’s before!).



There is a free, flat, tarmac car park with a couple of disabled spaces and a larger grass overflow car park (wouldn’t park in it at the moment – it’s a tad soggy!) If you are thinking of taking a picnic there are bins for rubbish but be warned there are no toilets!


The ‘Tree Plane’ beside the car parks amused me a lot (the green field is the overflow car park)

– I think its quite cool making a sea plane out of a tree, although quite random – I never did get to the

bottom of why exactly there was one!!

We spent the half term in France with Nanny & Grumps and you can read all about the Peachicks’ adventures over the coming weeks in the Peachick Invasions posts!!

I’m linking this up to Fiona over at Coombe Mill Farm for the weekly #Countrykids link up.  AND linking up with #whatevertheweather Wednesdays over at Monkey & Mouse and Life Unexpected!

There is always loads of ideas of things to do with the little ones so definitely hop over and have a look!!


17 thoughts on “Visiting The Lake at Forges-Les-Eaux”

  • Despite the cold looks like the Peachicks had a wondertul time exploring outdoors in a lovely setting.

    • The Peachicks are typical kids – don’t feel the cold and love being out in the rain! Mind you we are quite an outdoors kinda family and have always made a point of going out for a walk in the New Forest or along the beach on a Sunday!

  • What a beautiful to be exploring, we’ve not had any snow at all this year and I bet it was lovely to be playing in it! The lakes look beautiful to walk around, so peaceful and full of wildlife. The Peachicks look like they’re having a great time exploring all the different activities, I love the fact that they played chess with them as the pieces. The ducklings don’t look so pleased at the frozen lake! Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

    • I’m not entirely sure who likes snow more – me or the Peachicks!! They did make a snowman in the end but Elodie took its head off and hurled it at Daddy as a giant snowball – would have been ok but she didn’t its carrot nose out first! We all ended up playing chess at one point which was really fun!

  • That lake is beautiful, what a difference a few days make and how it iced up. The ducks must be very annoyed!

    • I’m not sure they were very amused!! Was hoping we had bought the snow back with us but sadly not so another snow-free winter in the south for us!

    • They did look a bit confused! We had snow twice in half term just a shame we didnt bring it home with us, I do love a bit of a snow!

  • It’s such a beautiful area. Your pictures are so, so beautiful. They look like they’re all having so much fun exploring the woods and the frozen lakes, in the photos are the end are simply stunning. I love France, it looks like a really lovely area to visit. Thank you so much for linking to #whatevertheweather x

    • It is so gorgeous, we are guilty of not exploring nearly enough of it and really must do next time we are out there! We love going to France with the kids it just so easy to find things for them to eat and do!

  • It looks like an amazing place to visit! Your little Peachicks are clearly having an amazing time racing around the woods and by the lake. Poor ducks don’t look too pleased with a frozen lake though. I remember watching swans landing on a frozen lake once and then skidding all the way across it instead! Gorgeous photos and you’re right that black and white photo of your daughter is perfect. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    • Thank you hun, its definitely a favourite place of ours when we are out there! Just so pretty and the kids can just have a run, plus the tarmac path means we can take hubby if hes not doing so well. Thsnk you for featuring it on #whatevertheweather! x

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