Welcome to the new website!!

Welcome to the new website!!

It has been a long time coming but finally here it is – the new home of the Peachicks’ Bakery!  As you can see there are a few changes including exciting new menus which should make it easier to find all the recipes you want!


The delay in launching the new website was caused by my lungs having a not so minor temper tantrum which has so far lasted several weeks and has resulted in visits from the men in green and many more to the GP who has admitted defeat and referred me on.  So basically now my lungs are behaving thanks to a cocktail of inhalers, tablets and 4 hourly nebulizers which is not practical long term but for now will have to do!  Cue one very big sulk from me who was sort of hoping it would stay gone when I stopped breastfeeding this time around and poor Daddy Peacock has definitely had his hands full!  (So I feel like we should forgive him the delay in getting the site sorted! ) 


Since I last posted a recipe there has been a lot of baking going on in this house but not from me!  The biggest Peachick has joined cooking club at school and over the last 4 weeks we have been treated to a range of delicious treats for dinner on a Wednesday night!  We have been particularly impressed with the way she has suggested all the changes to the recipes she needed to make so that all her sisters could eat the treats…  She has also shown that she has good ideas for combining flavours – the coconut and lime scones were AMAZING!!!  We were also treated to Rosemary and sea salt ‘cheese’ straws (eaten at the beach after school!), Pineapple upside down cake (didn’t last long!) and Oat and raisin cookies (so good when dunked!).


Coconut and Lime Scones Pineapple upside down cake!












In addition we have had two fantastic school reports home, and I for one can’t believe that the littlest Peachick has finished her first year at school already!  (Next thing the baby Peachick will be going, definitely will be some sulking on Mummy Peacock’s part that day!)


One bonus of being sick from work is that I got to go to Sports day and see the two oldest Peachicks get a first each in the Egg and Spoon race!  I also got to go to the Year R collective worship and watch the littlest Peachick’s fantastic performance as a lion in the story of David and Goliath.  AND was treated to the Year 3 ‘Listen to Me’ brass concert in which the Biggest Peachick played the cornet!


Displaying IMG_20150710_103114-0.jpg


It has also become apparent that the Baby Peachick is getting to the point where she is no longer needing nappies, it will be a sad day when we have to put our stash away for good, the cloth nappies look so cute!  I would definitely recommend cloth nappies and washable baby wipes, I wish we had used them with all the Peachicks!


Can’t resist it – here is a ‘stash shot’ of some of her favourites!

Some ‘cheapies’, a Bambooty night, Blueberry pocket nappy, Charlie Banana one size and a BumGenius V4


We are now all looking forward to a lovely summer and hoping that the hospital will be able to sort my lungs out so that this lovely new website can be filled up with lots of yummy recipes!




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