Allergy Blog Awards 2017

So with the end of September came the colder weather AND the news that my little website – The Peachicks’ Bakery – has been nominated & shortlisted for no less than 3 Allergy Blog Awards ! !  These are the first awards to celebrate allergy bloggers in the UK & Ireland and their achievements.  I am really surprised and so thankful to have been nominated alongside some really lovely, talented people!


The public vote is now open so if you have ever read my little piece of the internet and enjoyed it or found it useful in anyway I would be so grateful if you could just spend a couple of minutes voting for The Peachicks’ Bakery!


This blog came about initially as a bit of therapy and a place to record the rollercoaster that is being an allergy mum so that if my Peachicks end up in the same position one day they will know they are not alone!  We had a horrible time when Alys was a baby, we had no support from health visitors, midwives or GP’s – we were basically told she was a fussy baby and the continual wheeze was just because ‘baby’s wheeze!’  Luckily for me, I have severe allergic asthma triggered by similar food allergies and so the practicalities of feeding them was fairly straightforward – but even now it can be really overwhelming sometimes.



The other reason was more of a grumpy mummy reason – I have always collected recipes in various notebooks.  I have one copy of each – ONE.  And 3 Peachicks!  The Grumpy Mummy in me decided that to save arguments I would put all the recipes online – over the years I have taken it a bit more seriously and indulged my love of photography a bit more!

Here is the first photo from the first recipe I posted back in 2012…

 Daddy Peacocks’ Oat Cream Onion Sauce!
And one of the latest recipes…
A very Autumnal, Vegan Pear, Fig & Ginger Cake!

Voting Details…

I have been nominated in Allergy Blog of the Year, Parent Allergy Blog and Freefrom Recipe catergories alongside some other really lovely bloggers & brands! So even if you don’t vote for me – please take a minute to pop over and at least check out some of my fellow nominees because they are fab too!
So the link you will need….

Thanks lovelies!

Midge xxx








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