#NationalAllotmentWeek – Apple & Blackberry Vegan Scones

Apple & Blackberry Vegan Scones, you’ve heard of self-saucing puddings. Well these are scones make their own jam! This week (8th-14th August) is both Allotment Week AND Afternoon Tea Week so what better recipe to celebrate both than a scone recipe using beautiful homegrown blackberries?!  

Apple & Blackberry Vegan Scones perfect for #NationalAllotmentWeek #NationalAfternoonTeaWeek! You've heard of self-saucing puddings well these are scones make their own jam! Perfect for using up windfall apples and beautiful blackberries!


Ever since we have lived together we have always grown our own fruit & veg.

While we were at uni this was a couple of pots; mainly herbs on the windowsill, runner beans and strawberries.  These days, we live in a house with very little garden, chosen as I am sure a lot of parents do, for the schools it is in catchment for.

Our veggie patch is about 2ftx6ft plus a few pots, an upcycled pirate water tray and a GIANT bramble patch growing up an old tree!

**And even though we now have our own 5 rod allotment we still grow the brambles out the back!**


Apple & Blackberry Vegan Scones perfect for #NationalAllotmentWeek #NationalAfternoonTeaWeek! You've heard of self-saucing puddings well these are scones make their own jam! Perfect for using up windfall apples and beautiful blackberries!


Whilst we wait for an allotment* we make the best of this little space!  This isn’t the best picture but you can see we are currently growing runner beans, sweetcorn, spring onions, ruby chard, chives and mange tout in this little patch.  You can probably also see the overloaded bramble bush in the background!

*UPDATE As of March 2017 we now have an Allotment – No17!! And you can read all about our journey from patch of ground to productive plot here… in our new series: Peachicks @No17: Allotment Diaries! 



Our Bramble patch…


Everyday this week the Peachicks have picked (and eaten!) a bowl of blackberries…


The Bramble patch has actually sparked a whole day of peace for Mummy.  The Peachicks and I spent most of a day sitting in the sunshine, watching & photographing all the different bees that visited the flowers.  The girls were fascinated to see how different species went to different flowers around the garden – currently we have courgette flowers, runner beans, mangetout and nasturtiums alongside the bramble flowers!


Apple & Blackberry Vegan Scones perfect for #NationalAllotmentWeek #NationalAfternoonTeaWeek! You've heard of self-saucing puddings well these are scones make their own jam! Perfect for using up windfall apples and beautiful blackberries!


What I love about the mangetout is that all the flowers are different, so far we have had purple, blue, white and these red/pink ones!




The Veg patch is FULL of allsorts of wildlife!!




This vegan scone recipe is perfect for using up any of the blackberries that I actually manage to wrestle off the Peachicks.  It is great for using those slightly under-ripe blackberries as they hold their shape better in the dough.  I used a Granny Smith apple so these scones are not overly sweet which works very well as a transition between the savoury sandwiches and sweet cakes/pastries!


These Apple & Blackberry Vegan Scones work very well cut out into individual circles but I think there is something really pretty about a ring of scones cooked & cut into triangles.  Its a tear & share afternoon tea!  The blackberries cook gently inside the dough and create beautiful little pockets of fruity jam!


Apple & Blackberry Vegan Scones perfect for #NationalAllotmentWeek #NationalAfternoonTeaWeek! You've heard of self-saucing puddings well these are scones make their own jam! Perfect for using up windfall apples and beautiful blackberries!


Recipe for Apple & Blackberry Vegan Scones

Vegan Blackberry & Apple Scones
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Apple & Blackberry Vegan Scones

What better recipe to celebrate both Afternoon Tea Week and Allotment Week than a scone recipe using beautiful homegrown blackberries?! And here they are, Apple & Blackberry Vegan Scones!  You've heard of self-saucing puddings well these are scones make their own jam!
Course Afternoon Tea
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 6 large scones



  • I cook scones on a preheated pizza stone in a fan oven at 200C but a floured baking tray will work just as well – they may just need a few extra minutes!
  • Weigh the flour into a mixing bowl and add the ground chia seeds OR custard powder before mixing.
  • Next add the dairy free margarine to the flour mixture and rub together with you fingertips until you have a breadcrumb like mixture.
  • Next add the sugar, apple and blackberries before gently stirring.
  • In a separate jug measure out the dairy free milk and add to the dry ingredients
  • Now for the messy bit – either use a spoon or you hands – its up to you! Gently stir together all the ingredients until a soft dough is formed. Turn out onto a floured board and gently knead in more flour if its very sticky.
  • Roll or squash the dough flat and using a floured straight sided knife cut the dough circle into 6 triangles. Cut through the dough but don't separate the individual scones. I roll the dough out to about an inch and a half thick.
  • Spread out on a floured baking tray and bake for 30mins.


** check the scones from about 25mins onwards as cooking time will vary with thickness of scones. If you are cutting into individual scones cooking time will be 15-20mins.
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Apple & Blackberry Vegan Scones perfect for #NationalAllotmentWeek #NationalAfternoonTeaWeek! You've heard of self-saucing puddings well these are scones make their own jam! Perfect for using up windfall apples and beautiful blackberries!


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21 thoughts on “#NationalAllotmentWeek – Apple & Blackberry Vegan Scones”

  • I love the sound of the ‘jamminess’ in the scone courtesy of the blackberries Midge, and I have to agree that the large scone cut into portions like this looks lovely. I had to smile as I read about your youngsters watching the different bees come through your garden, it’s so much fun. I recall watching a butterfly a few years ago who stood ontop of a nustertion leaf, she slowly bent her abdomen to lay beautiful eggs in neat lines on the underside of the leaf!
    Angela x

    • It is great to see them interested in nature – think at least one of them will follow me into Zoology! I do quite like keeping the scones whole – much less faffing around with cutters! x

  • These sound fantastic! I think you’re doing so well to keep growing so much, I always intend to but never seem to get around to it. I’m intrigued by the suggestion to use custard powder instead of chia seeds too! Thanks for linking up to #CookBlogShare

    • Thanks – the Peachicks are in charge of the veggie patch really, they water it everyday and go out and eat whatever is ready – although I did manage to pinch some chard & the first runner beans for tea tonight! The custard powder is partly for flavour and partly to soak up any excess water that comes out of the fruit, especially in the rhubarb scones I made. For these I used ground chia seeds as I didn’t have any custard powder left! The apple I used for these stayed together when cooked so to be honest the recipe probably would have worked without! x

  • I’m very jealous of your brambles, I’d love something like that at the back of the garden. I’ve not managed to find anything worth picking near me, just a few bushes that have mostly been cleared by birds (I assume) in pretty ugly looking ditches – not the most appetising. I love the idea of the blackberries in these scones making their own jam, they’d be perfect for a picnic. I’ve not spotted chia seeds/custard powder in scone recipes before, what do these add – is it flavour? texture?

    • Ah thats a shame, love going foraging for stuff! The ground chia seeds in this were becuase I had no custard powder left – it just soaks up any excess water that might run out of the fruit but it doesn’t actually change the texture of the scones like extra flour would. In the rhubarb scones it also adds the custard flavour as a bonus! To be honest these probably didn’t need either chia or custard powder as the apple held its shape when cooked but a bramley would have run everywhere without some chia/custard added! x

  • These are lovely – what a great way to make use of extra blackberries. This inspires me to go out and do some foraging this weekend!

    • thank you! They would work really well with most berries, I think blackberries are having a good year they are everywhere!!

  • Blackberries are more advanced in London than Cornwall it seems. I shall have to wait a little longer before I can go foraging. I bet they are fab in scones. I didn’t know it was National Allotment Week. Hooray for allotments and boo to tiny gardens.

    • Hopefully you wont have to wait that long, we are in Southampton so not too far from Cornwall but I do think our blackberries are a bit earlier than normal this year! Yes defintely yay to allotments!

  • Yum! These look amazing. We are really lucky as we have wild blackberries growing in the fields just outside our back gate. And when I say wild blackberries I mean hundreds of thousands of them – I am not kidding. You could start a jam factory! So every year I am always looking for blackberry ideas and these scones sound amazing. Love the fact they are not too sweet especially. I can imagine the kids enjoying these a lot too! Eb x

    • Ah fab! Wild blackberries are great, we bought some cultivated ones but they didn’t do very well! The wild ones we trained up an old dead tree however have gone crazy! Oooh blackberry jam yum! I love that blackberries are quite easy to use in things – mind you always looking for savoury recipe ideas!!

  • I love the idea of blackberry and apple scones and these look delicious. Love the way you have made them into a round so much quicker and easier than cut out each individually. I often do that too.

  • Just made these. Problem is when you mix/knead it the blackberries just disintegrate turning the dough purple and making it too sticky. The purple looks cool but you have to add loooaads of extra flour. You’d be better off adding the blackberries right at the end

    • You do have to be quite careful when mixing scone dough not to overwork it. I just bring it together rather than mix any further but if you have any problems with squishy blackberries, freeze them for an hour or so before making the scones should help 🙂

  • I made these and, whilst they tasted great, my dough went purple and didn’t rise very much at all unlike your photos! Just seen the note about using frozen blackberries. Better luck next time…

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