What’s New on the Blog – April Round-Up!

What’s New on the Blog – April Round-Up!

So slightly later than originally planned but here’s our April Round Up!


What’s New?

On the homefront, April began with a lovely holiday to Cornwall with the In-laws.  The Peachicks had a great time visiting all our usual haunts including the Eden Project, Lost Gardens of Heligan and Polzeath Beach.  The weather was a bit unpredictable but we all had a great time!  There are still a couple of posts left to write up which hopefully I will get around to over the course of May!


This photo is definitely one of my favourites from Cornwall, my big two enjoying the sunshine doing the Easter Egg Trail at the Lost Gardens of Heligan!  We go away to Cornwall every year and we never fail to have an amazing time – its definitely one of our favourite places on Earth!


If you caught up with the Peachicks’ Bakery in the second half of April you will have noticed things were a bit quiet, unfortunately as much as I love the Eden Project the humidity and pollen in the domes triggered the beginnings of a tantrum in my lungs which lasted for the next 2 weeks.  The tree pollen is really bad this year and seems to have come out earlier than normal so I was a bit unprepared!


Also Daddy Peacock has had a few problems at work, essentially they have started capability procedures against him because when he had kidney stones he took a few days off here (21days total) and there rather than the whole 4months (90days).  Its all to do with the way absences are recorded and ironically had he taken the whole 4 months off it wouldn’t have been an issue.  In a really lovely twist they have also given him an official written warning about his conduct, expressing how much he has let his colleagues and department down by taking so much time off.  Yep. They really did.  Now anyone like me who suffers from a variable long term condition will straight away see the discrimination at play here – apparently the company do not.


From the blogging point of view – Honestly, the blogging has suffered the last month – I have not been well enough to do any and by the time I was my backlog of work was huge!  I did however write a post I have started and deleted a lot over the last 4 years – I even went as far as publishing it… whilst I like to think I am quite a positive person living with severe asthma really gets to me sometimes.  Hopefully writing the post will make someone feel a little bit less alone!


I think the major change on the blog has been adding a printable recipe to each of the foodie posts.  I am not sold on the layout of them just yet but let me know what you think!!


The major upshot of my lungs tantrum is that although I signed up for Tumblr & Klout I have yet to do anything with them.  In addition I have only been scheduling posts here and there on Hootsuite for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter so page views for the blog have dropped slightly with 2600 visitors and 8,000 visits over the last month.  In fact at some point in the next week we will have our 50,000th visit to The Peachicks’ Bakery since relaunching last July!  Mind you excitingly this month our twitter followers reached 500+ which was very exciting too!  Instagram is still less of a priority although I do add a few pictures here and there so hop over and have a look!

Foodies100 Index of UK Food Blogs


Although as with last month our Tots100 rank has risen from 899 (march 2016) to 784 in the April Charts.  Similarly our Foodies100 ranking has risen from 494 (March 2016) to 442 in April so the very exciting Top 500 badge gets to stay for another month!

TOTS100 - UK Parent Blogs






My favourite Posts:




This month the decision was again quite difficult between the post I have needed to write for a long time but never quite could, one of the holiday ones or one of the foodie ones.  I think though in the end, it could only be this post about our evening escape to the beach at Lepe Country Park.  Its one of our favourite places to go near to where we live and is just so pretty and peaceful!  I love this photo of the girls exploring the sea puddles left behind by the tide – they were even lucky enough to find a hermit crab!


As Featured On…

I started this page as a reminder of the kind of posts, recipes and photos everyone else was enjoying about the Peachicks’ Bakery.  You can see the full list by clicking on the title above but here is the addition for April!




This creamy pork dish is quick and simple to make AND is almost completely freefrom apart from the mustard & peas!  The smashed potatoes and peas make a great side dish and was featured as part of #FreeFromFridays over at the FreeFrom Farm, alongside a very nice ‘nomato’ sausage pasta dish from The Intolerant Gourmand!



In case you missed them…

Here is a list of EVERY post published on the site this month, with links!

P1180773 P1180786









P1180840 (2)








What’s planned for May?

May is always a bad season for my hayfever and my lungs so what I plan and what actually gets done is two entirely different things!  So far there are a few posts to catch up with from our adventure in Cornwall, plus a couple of recipes I know I want to add.  Its also Millie’s birthday so that means a trip to Bristol Zoo and another trip to write up!!


I am also collecting photos we are sent of other people’s creations using our recipes.  It needs a few more entries (hint hint) so feel free to email or tweet me a picture of how our recipes worked for you!


I also still need to get my head around Tumblr and the Parent Blogger Club, I signed up for last month so expect them to feature heavily in next months round up!


Have a great week everyone and here’s hoping for some more of this glorious sunshine!




I am going to link this up to Brilliant Blog Posts over at Honest Mum & Pick n Mix Fridays at Cornish Mum & Mummy and Monkeys!

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