Passing Stage 1 of the Milk Ladder – Celebratory Cinnamon Breakfast Buns!

Passing Stage 1 of the Milk Ladder – Celebratory Cinnamon Breakfast Buns!

In case you missed the my last post about Passing Stage 1 of the Milk Ladder you can read it here.  Basically the littlest Peachick has successfully passed Stage 1 of milk re-introduction and we are venturing as of yesterday into Stage 2.  To celebrate I made these apple filled Celebratory Cinnamon Breakfast Buns made with an enriched dough containing skimmed milk!  24hours on so far so good!  I’m pretty sure milk everyday will not continue after the experiment as we don’t have it in the house everyday but it will be good to know if she goes to a friend’s house/party we won’t have to worry about what she eats (other than soya which is a whole different kettle of fish entirely!).

We also have another reason to celebrate at the moment.. Today I am 17weeks pregnant with Peachick no3!  Yes I am probably mad and no it was not planned in any way but I don’t care I am very excited!  I am hoping to finish work around the end of January and the Peachick should hatch sometime February half term… I am planning lots of baking (screaming Peachicks allowing!) for my time off and looking forward to having another little Peachick hopping around!!

Ok bun recipe….  and yes I know its in grams!!  For some reason I find bread works best if I weigh in grams, I don’t really understand it but there we go!

These apple filled Celebratory Cinnamon Breakfast Buns are made with an enriched dough containing skimmed milk. Swap for Dairyfree Milk for a vegan recipe.
An almond version!  Substitute the chopped apple for a tbsp or two

of ground almonds… also Yummy!


250g Bread Flour

1 tsp dried yeast

pinch of salt

1tsp sugar

1tbsp (ish) Vegetable Oil

140ml skimmed milk (or Oat milk to keep dairy free)

Then for filling….

1 apple diced up really small – grated would probably be nice too!

1oz sugar

1tsp cinnamon

1. So make the enriched dough however you prefer to make your dough – I am lazy and use the pizza dough setting on my bread machine which takes 45mins plenty of time to make some coffee!

2. Roll the dough out into a rectangle about half a centimetre thick maybe thinner.  I usually roll it out onto my wooden chopping board and make the dough rectangle slightly smaller than the board.  FLOUR THE BOARD… I didn’t, the dough stuck, it was messy and frustrating!

3. Paint the dough surface with a very thin layer of vegetable oil – the original recipe calls for 1oz soft butter spread over the surface.  This recipe uses a tiny, tiny amount of vegetable oil and is therefore much lower in Saturated fat – to lower the fat even more leave it out of the dough!

4. Mix the apple, cinnamon and sugar together in a bowl.  DO NOT do this very far in advance… I did, it was not clever! The juice all ran out of the apple (as you would expect!).  I scraped it all off the board after I’d put the cut rolls in the tray and drizzled it over the top!

5. Spread the mix over the dough, I know it looks like not a lot of apple but when it rolls up it will be plenty, I promise!

6. Roll from the long edge of the rectangle tucking the join underneath.

7. Squish gently into a sort of roll shape and use a serrated knife to cut into 8-12 pieces.

8. Arrange the rolls swirly side down/up fairly close together in a circular pattern.  Either on a greased baking tray or in a large round silicon cake mould… I could only find the square one!

9. Bake at 180C for 15-20mins until golden brown on top!

PLEASE leave them to cool slightly before slicing between them at the joins and tipping onto their sides to cool even more before eating.  Liquid sugar and hot baked fruit are not kind to your tongue or fingers!!

10. Get Daddy Peacock to make his legendary coffee and enjoy in bed.  (or as in our house on sofa watching cbeebies or disney jr with small people trying to eat yours after they have finished theirs!)

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