Date, Cranberry & Cashew Energy Bites (Glutenfree, Vegan)

Date, Cranberry & Cashew Energy Bites (Glutenfree, Vegan)


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These little bites are my go-to after swim snack right now – packed full of good stuff and very very yummy!   The recipe is very forgiving – I use equal quantities of the ‘gooey’ ingredients (dates, raisins, cranberries) to the ‘crunchy’ ones (seeds, nuts).  The hardest thing about making them is cleaning up the food processor afterwards!   My particular favourite combination at the moment is dates, cranberries and cashew nuts with an added tablespoon or two of cocoa powder (would have been cacoa powder but I forgot to get it with the shopping!).



If you use Medjool dates you can get away with using them straight away but other dates can be a little dry and just need a quick soak in hot water (or I quite like them in decaf tea – but not for the kids!) – it just makes them a bit softer and means the mixture sticks together a bit easier.

The Peachicks love these and will even prefer these over their favourite sweets – they still lose out to dark chocolate but to be honest these would be amazing with a drizzle of dark chocolate so maybe they could be persuaded!


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Although these are great for lunchboxes, school is a definite nut free zone so I leave out the nuts and add in extra seeds.  You can make a big batch on a Sunday and leave them in a box in the fridge ready to pack in the lunchboxes the night before (or more likely in our house 30 seconds before they leave for school!)


These have very quickly become the go-to snack in our house and the Peachicks love that they can choose what and how much of it goes in.  The only downside is they can become quite expensive to make so I buy the ingredients in poundshops, Home Bargains, buy them in bulk online or in the sales and use raisins or sultanas (briefly soaked) rather than dates to make up the the majority of the ‘gooey’ ingredients!  The recipe changes depending on which ingredients I can get cheapest when I go shopping – although actually when I look at how much we save by not buying cheese/yoghurts/processed things it works out not so bad!


Ingredients for Date, Cranberry & Cashew Energy Bites (Glutenfree, Vegan)


2 cups of ‘gooey’ ingredients…

1 cup of dates

Half cup of sultanas

Half cup of cranberries.

2 cups (ish) of ‘crunchy’ ingredients…

1 cup of cashew nuts

half cup of mixed seeds (sunflower and pumpkin seeds)

2tbsp chia seeds

Optional extras…

1tsp Coconut Oil (we don’t add it)

2tbsp raw cacoa powder (or cocoa powder)

*For nut free – omit nuts and use 1 cup of mixed seeds plus chia seeds only.




Put the all crunchy ingredients (except the chia seeds) in the processor and pulse until in small pieces.

Add the dried fruit and run the processor on high speed until almost combined and put in the chia seeds.  Turn the processor back on until a ball of paste forms.

20150825_094010Roll teaspoonfuls of the mixture into balls or shape into very cute tiny bars!

Keep in an airtight container in the fridge!! (if you want these for lunchboxes and/or to last a while I would suggest the top shelf – right at the back – hidden from Daddies and little people! 😉 )



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