Easy VE Day Street Party Treats & #CookBlogShare 2020 wk18

Easy VE Day Street Party Treats & #CookBlogShare 2020 wk18. 

Host your own Lockdown front garden, VE Day Street Party, with this great collection of delicious Afternoon Tea bakes. 

Easy VE Day Street Party Treats & #CookBlogShare 2020 wk18.  Host your own Lockdown VE Day Street Party, with this great collection of delicious Afternoon Tea bakes.


How is everyone?

To say the world has changed in the 17weeks since we last hosted CookBlogShare here at Peachick HQ would be an understatement.  We live between two of the countries busiest motorway stretches and within miles of Southampton airport and for the first time since living here, (actually probably in my life) there have been hours of silence.  Nothing to hear but the birds, its been lovely!  But its very odd to go over the motorway bridge during rush hour and see nothing but empty road for miles on end!

I don’t know about you, but I am really struggling to keep track of days.  If it wasn’t for my phone, I wouldn’t know what day of the week it was half the time! Although, we are both still working from home, trying to juggle that with homeschooling 3 Peas has been almost impossible.  So The littlest 2 Peas are basically feral.  Peacock School focusses on life skills, learning to cook, and nature.

We’ve spent a lot of the time doing up the garden; Millie built a wildlife pond & mini wildflower meadow complete with 4star bug hotel – check it out on our Instagram! It was her birthday yesterday too, hop over to our facebook page to check out her big birthday surprise!!


I’m not sure my mental health is in the best shape right now, so I am grateful we have the allotment and for baking too.  Ooh speaking of baking, meet Bob.  A lack of yeast in the shops has given me the shove to finally get a new sourdough starter on the go.

He’s only a week old, so we have been experimenting.  Our first few bakes have been flatbreads, but I am going to try some rolls today for lunch and then hopefully will be adding the recipe to this weeks linky!  In the meantime, here’s the flatbreads, filled with marinated chicken and aubergine chunks, alongside a rainbow slaw and rice!


One last thing, before we get on to the recipes, The Peas wanted to share one little message…  (and to all the other keyworkers too – thank you from all of us at Peachick HQ!)


Easy VE Day Street Party Treats: #COOKBLOGSHARE ROUND UP…

It wasn’t hard to chose this week’s round up theme.  Living where we do and the link it has with Spitfire building, it had to be something to mark the anniversary of VE Day on Friday.    But choosing just 4 recipes?! TOOK AGES!!!

The baking supplies in the supermarket seem to be returning slowly, so here are four lovely bakes to share with your VE Day Street Party! We are apparently having a front garden street party, where each family has their own picnic party in their own garden.  But whether you are having a socially distanced household party or just marking the day quietly with cake, there is something for everyone here!

1. One for the kids to make: GLUTEN FREE ALMOND SHORTBREAD

Get the kids involved, there is so much education to be had in a simple baking session, make it your homeschool project for the afternoon and have fun decorating!  These are simple to make, only a few ingredients and a glutenfree bake without all that rice flour! Kate even includes handy tips and tricks on how to make them dairy free and vegan.

Easy VE Day Street Party Treats & #CookBlogShare 2020 wk18.  Host your own Lockdown VE Day Street Party, with this great collection of delicious Afternoon Tea bakes.


2.  One for easy slicing:  Vegan Drizzle Cake

This recipe is from Tin & Thyme is great, loaf cakes are one of my favourite bakes to make.  Mainly because they are generally, no-faff to make, super simple to portion up and are just beautiful with that lovely drippy drizzle over the top!  This one uses calamansi but has instructions for your more regular citrus fruits too.  It uses wholemeal spelt flour but would work just as well with wheat or gluten free flour too.  Just remember if you are substituting it with self raising to leave out the raising agents to avoid loaf cake volcano in your oven!

Easy VE Day Street Party Treats & #CookBlogShare 2020 wk18.  Host your own Lockdown VE Day Street Party, with this great collection of delicious Afternoon Tea bakes.


3. One straight from the ration cookbooks: VE DAY CONDENSED MILK CAKE

This beautiful little bake comes straight from the era of rationing and reminds me of a going to my Great Nan’s house as a child.  I don’t know if it was this is a recipe she used but she always had a lovely cake hidden in a tin in her kitchen that was perfect with a cup of tea!  Now, those of you looking at me with that ‘Nice bake but its condensed milk!!!!’ … you can get dairy free condensed milk, it just takes a little finding!  And for the eggs, just replace them with a sprinkle of ground chia, although I have a feeling looking at the recipe, this cake would work without them all together!

And if you are need of any more inspiration, Karen has done an amazing round up of every recipe you need for hosting your own front garden street party!

Easy VE Day Street Party Treats & #CookBlogShare 2020 wk18.  Host your own Lockdown VE Day Street Party, with this great collection of delicious Afternoon Tea bakes.


4. One showstopping centrepiece: Chocolate Orange Drip Cake

Now I know for a fact, if I made one of these Daddy Peacock would hide it AND DEVOUR THE WHOLE LOT!! He LOVES chocolate orange! Mind you it is a great flavour combination.  This recipe takes a only a little adapting to make it dairy and egg free but its not impossible so don’t dismiss it!  Just use one of the million or sobasic vegan sponge recipes from here or Kat’s own and follow the rest of the instructions to get the flavour combinations and stunning effect! Vegan white chocolate is pretty easy to get hold of  and just use dairy free substitutes for the buttercream ingredients.

Easy VE Day Street Party Treats & #CookBlogShare 2020 wk18.  Host your own Lockdown VE Day Street Party, with this great collection of delicious Afternoon Tea bakes.


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19 thoughts on “Easy VE Day Street Party Treats & #CookBlogShare 2020 wk18”

  • Great idea for a theme. And I love the idea of a front garden street party – how lovely! Love all the recipe linked up, but my favourite has to be Karen’s wartime condensed milk cake – what a fabulous blast from the past 😀 Eb x

    • Its a great little recipe isn’t it! Never thought of baking with condensed milk, in fact I only ever use it for fudge! I will have to experiment!

  • It is indeed a very strange time. We are doing our best to enjoy the countryside we live in each day as before there was always something else in the way. Thanks for hosting, some great bakes in there this week. Michelle x

    • Its so true! We’ve finally sorted the garden out and the allotment is giong to look amazing with all the little jobs we haven’t quite had time to do! Juggling both of us working full time has been interesting! Thanks for having me again! 🙂

  • A front garden street party is pure genius. Such a lovely thing for the community to celebrate together. Good to see you’re experimenting with sourdough. Despite my years of sourdough baking, I’ve never managed to make flatbreads with it. That needs to be remedied.

    Fab bakes for the street party, especially as my vegan drizzle is there 😀 But I’m totally intrigued by Karen’s wartime cake.

  • You made it Christmas for her birthday?! How amazing. I did think about giving a sourdough starter a go but most people seem to cook them in casserole dishes and I don’t think I have one that is suitable!

    • Yep, she declared it Millie-mas! She said it was really fun, like having xmas abroad because it was sunny & warm! I have cooked bread in my big cast iron pan and it does make beautiful bread but I’ve also just made rolls in the oven and they’ve worked fine!

  • What a FABULOUS theme and lovely way to promote a Stay at Home VE Day 75 Party too!
    Thank you SO much for featuring my Condensed Milk Cake too….it’s proved to be very popular and I love your non dairy substitutes!
    I’ll link up later today,

    • Its a brilliant recipe, I love flicking through old recipe books (we have shelves of them!) and looking the ingredients some of them contain! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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