Feeding FreeFromers and #CookBlogShare Week 33!

Another installment of the fab #CookBlogShare linky and Top Tips on Feeding FreeFromers, with a round up of delicious, easy to adapt recipes!  Swap the ingredients NOT the menu! 

Another installment of the fab #CookBlogShare linky and Top Tips on Feeding FreeFromers, with a round up of delicious, easy to adapt recipes!  Swap the ingredients NOT the menu! 



Hello fellow #CookBlogShare Fans!

and a Huge Welcome to The Bakery from all of us here at Peachick HQ – where coffee, cake and snuggly PJ days are always acceptable, nay encouraged!


If its your first time here, just a little housekeeping….

Don’t worry about taking your shoes off.

Please leave all (real) celery & peanuts at the door (virtual ones are fine!)

Don’t stand on ceremony when food comes out – you will starve with hungry Peas around

AND finally don’t be alarmed if a Ginger Peachick lands in your lap and squeezes you half to death, she’s usually harmless and just loves a hug!



Big thanks to Jacqui for hosting last week and for allowing me to bring you another installment of this lovely Linky and don’t forget next week’s host is Rebecca over at Glutarama.  We may have multiple allergies in this house (including dairy, eggs and soya) and I find it increasingly hard to meat, but The Peachicks LOVE their food, so are very excited to see what you’ve all been creating this week (all recipes welcome!) so head to the LINKY at the bottom of this post!


Which brings me to our favourites from last week…  Picking a theme was a tough decision, so many lovely recipes to choose from, but in the end we decided on creating a menu of dishes that can be easily adapted to suit all dietary needs.   Venturing into the world of FreeFrom can be overwhelming and even though I cater for mulitple allergies on a daily basis, having a dinner party guest announce special dietary requirements the day before or worse when they turn up is mildly unsettling (read full on panic stations) to say the least!  My top tip is just make the entire menu completely suitable – who wants to spend the whole time worrying about whether you’ve used the wrong spoon to stir or serve?! And it really isn’t as hard to do as you might think!


Feeding FreeFromers, A Beginners Guide!

So whether it is about to become your new normal or you are just catering for a special event – fear the freefrom no more with our Feeding Freefromers; A Beginners Guide and change the ingredients not the menu!

Salad to Start

Salads are a great way to cater for multiple allergies, as they are basically just a host of beautiful ingredients thrown in a bowl and dressed.  This stunning Fresh Fruit & Nut Salad from ProperFoodie, handily comes with a list of ways to switch out some potential allergens already included.  For me, I would use goats cheese or Violife Blu as it is Peachick safe but check out the FreeFrom Aisle of any supermarket and you will find masses of vegan, dairyfree cheeses.  Just check for soya as many people are allergic to this too!  Toasted seeds, particularly sunflower seeds, make great nut alternatives, giving the same crunch and flavour as nuts.  Sesame are also lovely but another common allergen.  And for the carnivores in the house you could add a little crispy pancetta – but I bet they wouldn’t notice if you didn’t!

Another installment of the fab #CookBlogShare linky and Top Tips on Feeding FreeFromers, with a round up of delicious, easy to adapt recipes!  Swap the ingredients NOT the menu! 

Perfect Peachick Party Food

Ask any of the Peachicks what we eat on a Tuesday and the answer will be TACOS! Yep. Every Week – Taco Tuesday is an all time favourite and we often have visitors!  Now for those of us with allergies or other dietary requirements, the thought of going to a stuff your own taco party instantly sets off cross contamination alarms and has us reaching for the piriton.

BUT what if you could adapted the recipe so everyone could eat it?

These Slow Cooker Shredded Pork Tacos, from Curly’s Cooking look AMAZING and are already suitable for most allergens!  Swap out the wheat tortillas for corn ones and double check the glutenfree ones, they aren’t always suitable for people with allergies as they often contain, dairy, eggs and/or soya.  For a veggie/vegan alternative I would swap the pork shoulder for some large, firm courgettes, portabello mushrooms or even jackfruit and reduce the cooking time slightly.

Another installment of the fab #CookBlogShare linky and Top Tips on Feeding FreeFromers, with a round up of delicious, easy to adapt recipes!  Swap the ingredients NOT the menu! 


Terrific Traybakes

I LOVE a traybake, they are an easy option for catering for Peachicks & friends too.  Handily this Sticky Chicken Traybake from the lovely Eb at Easy Peasy Foodie already comes with suggestions for alternative ingredients!  And I reckon roasting cauliflower florets would be an amazing veggie alternative.  For a soyfree soya sauce alternative, coconut aminos are a great substitute and fairly easy to get hold of – hooray for Ocado & Amazon!

Another installment of the fab #CookBlogShare linky and Top Tips on Feeding FreeFromers, with a round up of delicious, easy to adapt recipes!  Swap the ingredients NOT the menu! 

BUT a word of warning, if you have guests with allergies you must make sure every ingredient is safe for them – there is no picking out – so check with them first.   I don’t expect people to cater just for me but I have to admit that I get quite nervous eating at other people’s houses and have often just not eaten anything for fear of being the evening entertainment when the paramedics turn up!  Its not a comment on anyone’s cooking, anxiety is a fickle beast…

Decadent Desserts

Desserts seem to be the dish that most people struggle with when catering for special diets.  I think its probably because traditionally they are made with dairy, eggs and wheat and lets face it a fruit salad is an easy, albeit often sad alternative.  The main thing I found when making desserts dairy & eggfree is that they taste the same if not better than the original.  This Blackberry Panna Cotta Tart from The Foodie Journey is absolutely stunning and with a few simple swaps could be made suitable for all dietary requirements.  Switch out the butter in the pastry for solid block margarine, leave out the almonds, and substitute the milk and cream in the panna cotta for equal amounts of tinned coconut milk and coconut cream respectively.  There are also great Oat or soya based milks and creams if you can use them.

Another installment of the fab #CookBlogShare linky and Top Tips on Feeding FreeFromers, with a round up of delicious, easy to adapt recipes!  Swap the ingredients NOT the menu! 


Sadly, most of the freefrom aisle is out of bounds for us FreeFromers as it mostly caters for glutenfree diets rather than us with allergies (although it is getting MUCH better!)  So please don’t assume that if it says freefrom we can safely eat it.  In fact there is a lot of ‘normal’ food round the rest of the supermarket that is perfectly ok for us to eat without the huge price tag!  Also there a few of us around that have slightly more unusual allergies so getting a full list from your guests is always sensible!

And while there are no medals for safely hosting FreeFrom guests, the effort of making an entirely safe menu will be much appreciated and you will find yourself on a slightly longer list of people’s houses we trust to eat at!  For more great recipe ideas, just search #FreeFromGang or #FreeFromSummer across social media.

CookBlogShare Week 33

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