Grumps’ Oaty Granola! (dairyfree, soyafree, eggfree)

What’s not to love about Granola?  Its crunchy, a little bit sweet and full of loads and loads of nutritional good stuff! And Grumps’ Oaty Granola is no exception!

What's not to love about Granola?  Its crunchy, a little bit sweet and full of loads of nutritional good stuff! And Grumps' Oaty Granola is no exception!

Shop bought Granolas are packed with added sugar, so I make my own, one 550g batch of granola has just 1tbsp of honey added to it.  And yes I am a massive supporter of the sugar tax.  The sugar is the glue that sticks everything together and makes those crunchy nugget bits, which means this granola has less nuggets in it but is still really crunchy.  A small bowl of this with some dairy free milk gets me through a morning of running around at work or more likely I sprinkle it over coconut yoghurt with some raw cashew nuts and pack it in a jar to eat as and when I can grab a mouthful!

But why is it called Grumps’ Granola? Well, you may have noticed in the last couple of weeks a lack of recipes on the blog and a couple of asthma related posts.  Apparently my lungs have decided that the almighty tantrum they had last year was fun and are at it again. Oh. The. Joy.  Anyway, this has all meant that I haven’t been able to pick up the girls from school, fortunately Grumps & his bus (which REALLY needs a name) have been on hand to help meaning that Matt can stay at work and clear some of the backlog caused by his kidney stones!  You may also have noticed that I haven’t exactly been in a great frame of mind this week but Grumps has this knack of  sorting that out in a ‘yes, yes its awful & unfair, have some sympathy but I’m really telling you to stop moping and get on with it but its only because we care’ kinda way.**  While we were in Cornwall I found out that Grumps is a bit of a granola convert so obviously I had to make him some!

**Now here I have to mention the impossible achieved by my lovely MIL (aka Nanny) yesterday afternoon.  While Grumps was sorting out the stroppy mare over here – Nanny did some sort of Mary Poppins/Nanny Mcphee/Nangry spell on the kids – For the first time in forever, the impossible happened – THEY TIDIED THEIR ROOM, no shouting, no swearing (me or them), no playing around, just tidying.  There. are. no. words.  Trust me on this after the last 9years of motherhood and the battles of keeping this place from looking like the burglars went through a granola recipe is not enough.  The recipe for this feat of crazy grandparent voodoo will have to be nothing sort of bloody spectacular – and will take some planning and cooperative lungs!!!  So for now Grumps gets Granola and we are all ridiculously impressed by (and a tad scared of) Nanny’s powers!

After all that, once hubby was home we had a lovely evening of really yummy food (roast chicken, chunky rainbow salad & new potatoes) and fun with the kids which hopefully went some way to saying thank you for everything the In-laws do for us!

What's not to love about Granola?  Its crunchy, a little bit sweet and full of loads of nutritional good stuff! And Grumps' Oaty Granola is no exception!


The main ingredient is Oats, a low fat carbohydrate packed with protein and a good source of a whole host of vitamins and essential minerals (calcium, iron, manganese).  They lower cholesterol and as rolled oats are a wholegrain are really good for your heart, stabilise your blood sugar AND can help your immune system fight infections.  Only downside is the gluten/not gluten free debate, not something we have to worry about too much in this house although Elodie is really not good with oats.


What's not to love about Granola?  Its crunchy, a little bit sweet and full of loads of nutritional good stuff! And Grumps' Oaty Granola is no exception!

The other ingredients in this recipe are all easy to get hold of and completely customisable to what you like and what you have in the cupboard.  As well as tasting really yummy, each ingredient is nutrient rich and good for you in some way.  I used a mixture of seeds (chia, sesame, poppy & pumpkin), ‘Elodie Raisins’ (sultanas to you & me), Cocoa Nibs and honey.  You can use maple syrup as a vegan alternative but its expensive so I send my apologies to the honey bees!  (Both honey & maple syrup have their advantages and disadvantages but they are not processed like other sugars & syrups so I prefer using them!)

Chia Seeds are small but amazing, great for science experiments with the kids & a fab vegan alternative to eggs in baking!  Rumoured to reduce blood pressure, control blood sugar levels, full of fibre and a really great source of Omega-3 (protects against inflammation associated with arthritis & heart disease)!

Pumpkin Seeds are little superfood packets of greatness too, packed full of Magnesium (important in this house to protect against Osteoporosis) and a great source of plant based protein!  Also good source of Zinc which can help your skin heal from eczema flare ups & helps regulates your immune system, or in my case puts mine in the naughty corner when it goes off rampaging like a tantruming toddler!

Sesame Seeds are one of the top 14 allergens so be careful using them around itchy scratchies.  We are ok with them as far as I can make out and toasted are my go-to snack when all I really want is peanuts!  They are a good source of calcium and other minerals so great for including in breakfast especially for someone who can’t face milk in the morning!

Cocoa Nibs are full of antioxidants and are another great source of Magnesium which is important for maintaining nerve & muscle function.  Its chocolate but without the sugar and assorted rubbish that is in a normal bar!

What's not to love about Granola?  Its crunchy, a little bit sweet and full of loads of nutritional good stuff! And Grumps' Oaty Granola is no exception!


And no I have no idea how many calories are in a bowl, the portion size of this you would need to eat & keep you going is a smaller than cornflakes.  I don’t count calories specifically, instead the food in this house is made for its nutrient content relative to number of calories… 100 calories from a cereal bar is in no way as nutritionally valuable as 200 calories from avocado on homemade wholegrain toast, so you’d get the avocado!  If calorie counting is your thing then eat a small portion of this or graze on it dry like trail mix.


We are trying to instill this ‘smaller portions of great wholefoods with quality calories is a much better option than a big portion of processed, low fat, no nutrient calories and if your still hungry there is fruit & veggies in the fridge‘ in the Peachicks, teach them to have a sensible attitude to food.  Ask me again how that’s going in a few years when I have a house of teenage girls!

**(As always follow advice from your medical types & feel free to alter the recipe according to your own personal dietary requirements, this is what I do in my house for my allergy laden Peachicks, it may not be suitable for everyone!).**

I should also add that the Peachicks eat all sorts of junk (sweets, crisps, biscuits) all the time, just a little bit at a time.


What's not to love about Granola?  Its crunchy, a little bit sweet and full of loads of nutritional good stuff! And Grumps' Oaty Granola is no exception!


Enough of me going on about the nutritional value of Grumps’ Granola, I’m starting think I should train as a nutritionist and get paid for standing on this soapbox!!  Anyway here’s the recipe, this makes 550g batch which will keep in an airtight container for a good while!


Recipe for Grumps’ Oaty Granola


350g oats

50ml Vegetable Oil

2tbsp Chia seeds

2tbsp Sesame Seeds

2tbsp Cocoa Nibs

2tbsp Coconut Flour

1tbsp Honey (warmed up a bit so its runny)

1tbsp Sunflower Seeds

1tbsp Pumpkin Seeds

50g Sultanas



Preheat the oven to 120C.

Put all the ingredients (except honey & oil) in a big bowl and mix them up.  Pour over the oil and mix again until its all coated.  Then add the honey and mix again.

Spread the granola mix out onto a silicone baking sheet and bake in the oven for around an hour, stirring occasionally, until its all golden brown and crunchy!  (watch the sultanans – they can burn easy!)

Store and enjoy!





One last thing…

And if you read those asthma posts, yes today is better.  Today is a really good day thanks to a lovely evening last night and a bit of sunshine!





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14 thoughts on “Grumps’ Oaty Granola! (dairyfree, soyafree, eggfree)”

  • As a senior member of the Peachicks family (old and grey) I’m fortunate not to suffer from all the allergies that affect the little ones but one special bonus is I get to try most of the recipes that appear here. You don’t need any allergies to enjoy any of the meals. I particularly enjoy the scones and the above named granola. I look forward to being invited to sample the next recipe; that’s if the Peachicks save me any.

    • Good luck with that Grumpsie! Glad you enjoyed it and now you know where the recipe is you can make your own!! Thank you again for all your help… next recipe granola scones?? x

    • Thanks lovely! Its really easy to make, not sure it works out any cheaper in the end than buying it but it definitely has more of the good things in it!

  • Making your own granola is such a great idea. I love the way you packed in so many high quality ingredients! What a great way to start your day! Pinning!

    • Ah thanks! I really like it over Koko yoghurts to fill me up until late afternoon when I get home after work! I just love the fact you put so many different things in it depending on whatever you want – its like pick & mix breakfast!

  • This Granola looks wonderful! I really enjoyed your story behind the name, but hope you are feeling better. I also love how your MIL got the kids to clean up their rooms, I need someone to come do a bit of magic at my house 😉 Looking forward to trying this, Pinned! Have a great week!!

    • thank you! Getting there slowly, think the worst part of it is being on paperwork only at work this week rather than being with the little ones! Sitting still is definitey NOT me! LOL! I think everyone needs a bit of ‘Nangry magic’ in their lives, the Peachicks have even carried on tidying up after themselves – its bizarre!! 🙂

    • You have to try – its so easy!! and you can add as much or as little to it as you like! I also like cashew nuts in mine! Enjoy!

  • This granola looks delicious! I love the idea of making it, as I hate howuch sugar is packed in! Thanks for linking up to #HowtoSunday x

    • I know its crazy and you really don’t need it in there! Love the linky just hopped over and added my post for this week too!

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