Baked Nectarine and Blackberry Crumble Surprise

Baked Nectarine and Blackberry Crumble Surprise

These Vegan Baked Nectarine & Blackberry Crumble Surprise are perfect for cold autumn days or a quick & easy Breakfast! They are a great way to use up nectarines that are a little past their best.  The soft nectarine & sharp blackberries go really nicely with the crunchy crumble topping and are great smothered in dairyfree custard!

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We don’t often have desserts in this house but dinner with one of my best girlies necessitates something special!  I spent a lovely evening chatting and putting the world to rights (blenders you have been told!) over a very yummy dinner and several mugs of tea!  Dessert was my offering to the food and although I love crumbles they are just too heavy for the summer – they are most definitely winter comfort food – so these baked nectarines are a perfect summer alternative.  This time of year we are lucky enough to have an abundance of blackberries in our garden and although apple and blackberry is a lovely combination sometimes I just like a change!

I love nectarines and blackberry together and baking it with the topping on makes the blackberry go all squishy.   I don’t like the nectarines to completely fall apart so I only bake them for about half an hour and on a fairly low heat.  Obviously if you want it to squish into puree then bake it a bit longer!  I fully baked two halves and took them with me, reserving the other two for breakfast (put in a dish in the fridge and reheated in the oven for about 15mins).

Having a list of allergies as long as your arm you would think would make you feel like you are missing out everyday but really there is only one thing I ‘miss’ and that is peanuts.  The only thing I have found that comes anywhere close is toasted seeds, especially sesame and pumpkin seeds, so I always add them to my crumble toppings.  This crumble topping is much lighter than the traditional and with oats and seeds instead of flour it must be healthier too??!!

So you will need:

Recipe for Baked Nectarine & Blackberry Crumble Surprise

Serves 4
2 nectarines8 blackberries
Handful of oats1tbsp vegetable oil
1tbsp golden caster sugar1tsp pumpkin seeds
1tsp sunflower seeds



1.  Slice and destone the nectarines and arrange on an oven proof dish, skin side down.


2.  Place one or two blackberries in each stone hole of the nectarine half.


3.  In a small bowl combine the handful of oats with a scarce tbsp of veg oil. Add 1tsp golden caster sugar, 1tsp pumpkin seeds and 1tsp sunflower seeds and mix.


11903766_873621429375432_4316859242400031975_n4.  Crumble over the nectarines and bake at 150C for 30-40 mins (adjust times depending on how squishy you want the nectarines to be!).


TOP TIP:- Brush your favourite spirit over the nectarines or add vanilla, ginger or cinammon to the crumble to dress it up a bit!

Serve warm with ice cream, honey or custard!


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