Meal Planning Monday – Pancakes, Chicken & Muffins!

Meal Planning Monday – Pancakes, Chicken & Muffins!

I’ve finally got around to joining in with Meal Planning Monday.  Although I only really do a monthly shop for most food and tend to buy much the same things, our veggies come fortnightly in a veggie box (from 5adaybox) which changes seasonally.

I always make sure there are a stash of lunchbox bits for both hubby and girls like cereal bars, dried fruit and crackers in the cupboard.  While in the fridge there is plenty of veggies, jars of pickles (olives, beetroot & cornichons) and vegan cheese.  The freezer is my meal planning best friend as in it I always keep frozen fruit, sweetcorn and proteins like prawns and cooked meat.

In planning food across the week, I try and make sure that all the different carbs are spread across the week.  I’m also careful that there is not gluten containing ones twice on the same day as otherwise Elodie & I will have horrible stomach ache!  The only exception to this is Millie, who has porridge most mornings and cooked lunches at school so it is difficult to do that for her.

Meal Planning Monday - Pancakes, Chicken & Muffins!

Monday 27.02

Lunches for the Peachicks today will more than likely be homemade Cracker Stacks (with Ham, pickled Beetroot & Olives), some homemade muffins and frozen fruit smothered with Sweet Freedom Choc Shot.  I am having a quick pickled veg quinoa, cereal bar and LOTS of coffee!

For Tea its Slow Cooker Vegetarian Curry with brown Coconut Curry Spiced Basmati rice – with a veggie box coming on Tuesday I like to use up all the left over vegetables from the last one on a Monday.  With Monday being a VERY long day thanks to a mad dash from work to school and a triple pick up, the slow cooker is often my best friend!


Tuesday 28.02

Lunches will be more of the same from yesterday unless the veggie box arrives before we leave for school!

For Tea today obviously its going to be a Pancake Party with various savoury & sweet toppings! Cheesy Beans is often a Peachick favourite!  If you still need some pancake inspiration check out these lovelies from a bunch of lovely allergy bloggers!


Wednesday 01.03

Lunches – Now the veggie box has arrived (and depending on its contents) Lunch today will be carrot, brocoli and cucumber sticks, marmite sandwiches and leftover pancakes with frozen fruit.  Hopefully I can pop into Asda tonight too and pick up some Koko Dairyfree Yoghurts and Violife cheese for the rest of the week.

Today I have to eat on the run as its Zoo Day!  I finish work at 12.30 and then spend a couple of hours at the zoo with Elodie before school run.  This week the weather looks like its going to be horrible so I’m thinking cereal bar and a coffee on the tractor train!

Tea – There is some chicken breasts in the fridge that have a use-by of today.  I am thinking some Coconut Milk Poached Chicken Breasts with steamed veggies and new potatoes.


Thursday 02.03

Lunch – For me probably nothing today unless I remember to grab some fruit on my way out the door in the morning (I know I know) but E has gymnastics so I am really tight for time between leaving work and it starting.  I will however grab a quick bowl of cereals between picking Millie up from school & Alys from Golf!

Tea – Thursday is Traybake day! Butternut Squash Pizzas are a firm favourite with the girls but as the squash keeps quite well these will probably be on the menu for next week.  So today will probably be carrot, sweet potato, sprouts and homemade panko breadcrumbed fish fillets.


Friday 03.02

Lunch – I work from home today so we have pancakes for breakfast and I usually cook me & the girls some rice noodles & crunchy veggies for lunch.

Tea – PIE! Next week is National Pie Week and so hopefully if all goes well I will have made a pie & taken photos of it at some point today – in my working from home lunch break!  I’m not sure what flavour it will be, although I am thinking some kind of vegan cheesy, spinach & red onion.  I made some pasties with similar flavours over the weekend and they were sooooo good!

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