*Misfit Shine Swimmers Edition – Review!*


I may have mentioned once or twice that I participated in and completed the Aspire Channel Swim challenge for 2015 (thanks to swimming 15miles in the last 3 weekends!), I love swimming and so the hardest part for me was not dragging myself out of bed but keeping track of the mileage I had swum.  With Daddy Peacock being such a techie he suggested a wearable fitness tracker but most of them are not recommended for swimming.  Being a fan of Speedo goggles & swimming costumes I was very excited to find a couple of lap tracking options in the Speedo Aquacoach watch (£75) & New Misfit Shine Swimmers edition (£59.99).

Having always been a swimmer at school and at my local club I find that just floating around in the pool is not for me.  So I have registered on the British Swimming ‘Swimfit’ website, here you can log all the swims you do, challenge yourself to complete different ‘Challenges’ and its full of tricks & tips for getting the most out of swimming (including nutrition, warming up & swimwear guide).  The challenges range from short 1mile ones to the coastline of the Isle of Wight (65miles) or even length of the River Thames (200miles) that you can log each swim you do against.  Having done the Channel the Isle of Wight is next on my list!  You can also use the ‘Coach Zone’ for a tailored swimming programme for Fitness, Shape up & Tone, Competitive swimmers etc.  Each programme is made up of different sessions that you can download and complete to ensure a good workout towards your goal.  The sessions are good but I find I forget them by the time I get to the pool (although one of our local pools has the cards for them laminated on the wall to borrow) so I tend to just get in and swim.  Plus I go for distance not speed so cover about 2-2.5miles in about 1-2hrs using front crawl & back stroke.

Anyway the other advantage of this is the 20% you get in the online Speedo shop.  I have always used Speedo goggles & costumes as I love the fit of the goggles AND they do really comfy high neck swimming costumes (so thankfully no mishaps with falling out of them).  Cue the Black Friday sale & I managed to get the Misfit Shine for about £30.

In the Box:

The Shine, 2 wristbands, the Action Clip, the clasp for wearing on shoes or clothes, a battery & the tool to change the battery.

After a few mishaps in the first couple of days to do with my phone not the Shine, I have had no problems and absolutely love it.  I will say though that I haven’t used it for any other sports so can’t comment on it from that point of view – it was bought for swimming & telling the time and that’s what I use it for!

There are a few reasons that I really like the Misfit…Misfit Shine Swimmer's Edition

  1.  The first being that the Misfit synchs through Bluetooth with my smartphone (its a pink LG something) and therefore automatically records all the information it collects.  There is also the option to link this to the Speedo Fit App if you have an iPhone.
  2. Even I can use the app!!
  3. The second is that like the original Misfit Shine it records a whole host of information from how many steps you walk, calories you burn and how much/ type of sleep you get at night.
  4. You can also set it to track specific activities using the app and altering wearing position; basketball, cycling, running as well as the swimming lap counting.
  5. Its really pretty.  The actual Shine Swimmers Edition is really petite – very thin & light (9g) & made of aircraft grade aluminium and so a lovely silver colour which makes very girly (unlike a lot of the other fitness trackers).  Currently this is the only colour the swimmers edition is available in but the colour is only available as a Shine Swimmers Edition (if that makes sense) – the Shine & Shine 2 come in a range of colours with different coloured lights.  There is also a range of accessories for wearing the Shine including a very pretty necklace.
  6. Its very comfy to wear – the soft rubber like bands are really flexible and comfy AND because the Shine is small it doesn’t get in the way of whatever you are doing.  I tend to use the black band as I work with pre-schoolers and I am pretty sure the white one would get a tad dirty and paint covered!
  7. It tells the time.  Its a bit complicated to start with for those of you that can tell the time on a normal analogue watch.  Two lights come on the first solid light is for the hour & the flashing one is for the minutes.
  8. Its lap counting is accurate and easy to set – Just triple tap the Shine as you get in the pool and then again when you get out and it does the rest!  Unlike the poor guy who I saw with his Aquacoach watch in the pool who spent a good 30seconds pressing all sorts of buttons getting it to the point where he could swim!
  9. It shows you how close to your daily activity goal you are by lighting up a percentage of the 12 lights on the face.  You can set your goals in the app – a goal of 1000 points equates to about 10,000 steps – and any activity you do counts towards it.
  10. The Misfit Shine doesn’t need charging which between our phones & tablets etc is a good thing – it apparently has a 6month battery life – I’ll let you know!!


I had read a few dodgy reviews of it saying that the wrist band was really flimsy and the shine fell out a lot – the new Action Clip that comes with the Shine has sorted that issue and I have had no problems at all using it in the wrist band.  I haven’t tried it with the clasp.


The other issue I have had is when setting up and packing away at work (carrying big boxes) OR pushing a buggy while walking I am not convinced the step count is entirely accurate – but to be fair the app does say that your shoe is the recommended place to wear the Shine when walking/running or cycling ( I wear it on my wrist)!


All in all I reckon it is well worth the money – especially the £30 I paid for it!  The hubby even borrowed it this morning for his swim and was quite impressed with it!

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