Easy Playdough Recipes – Entertaining a Poorly Peachick!

Easy Playdough Recipes - Glutenfree (with substitutes) & Ezcema Friendly
How cute is her concentration face?!

Stuck for things to do in the holidays or need a quick activity to entertain a poorly little Peachick then these Easy Playdough Recipes may be just the thing! Quick to make in infinite varieties and best of all no special ingredients needed!  Even works with Glutenfree Flour & has extra oil in it to make it gentler on ezcema.

Today I am supposed to be at work, helping a friend out covering some holidays.  I am at home.  Poor Elodie is not great, she has had a really bad night with stomach pains, snotty nose, gunky cough and she is blotchy.  No idea what she ate yesterday that she has reacted to but thankfully she is a bit better this morning.  It could of course be something I ate but I am not really sure as I am ok!   I always worry about sending her to nursery after nights like the last one – she invariably picks up a horrible bug.

Anyway we have done the school run armed with spare clothes, cloth nappies and A LOT of tissues and have just made some lovely playdough… apparently I am not allowed to play with it but have to stay with her hence why I am sat here typing up the recipe and taking photos!

As a teacher and having worked in Early Years for a few (hundred) years now I could literally sit here all day and spout the educational value of letting kids play with playdough.  So here is the short version… its great for imagination, motor skills, developing hand muscles essential for writing, amazing for sneaky number/phonic & colour recognition, fab for exploring textures & materials and for developing language & vocab skills!  AND ITS FUN… OBVIOUSLY!

Easy Playdough Recipes - Glutenfree (with substitutes) & Ezcema Friendly


Shop bought branded playdough often contains gluten (although I believe Plasticine doesnt) and I don’t really know what the colourings are and so I prefer to make my own.  Plus if you make your own you can make it any colour you want and add all sorts of extras to it to match the time of year!  Here is a list of our favourites…

Our Top 10 Favourite Easy Playdough Recipe additions!

  1. Cinammon (in red or green playdough for christmas)
  2. Glitter (always fun!)
  3. Rosemary leaves  (look a lot like insect legs & spider fangs!)
  4. Lemon or lime zest (you could use orange – I might pass – but you could!) in yellow – for pancake day!
  5. Mint leaves or extract
  6. Round sequins (some of the shapes can be a bit sharp and pointy)
  7. Gruffalo playdough (brown with peas and coloured matchsticks for accessories!)
  8. Oats (for Goldilocks)
  9. Small beads
  10. Cocoa powder (smells amazing!!)


Easy Playdough Recipes - Glutenfree (with substitutes) & Ezcema Friendly


The actual resources you need for the little people to play with the playdough is minimal and inexpensive.  Seasonal natural materials are amazing (sticks, acorns, leaves) but I always keep a stock of tools in the cupboard for year round playdough.  A plastic placemat or chopping board, some plastic cutlery, cookie cutters and cheapy drinking straws is really all you need.  Oh and a potato masher you never want to use in the kitchen again – really good fun!!

The list of possibilities is endless, just a quick search of pinterest for ‘playdough recipes’ or ‘funky finger activities’ will leave you with enough activities for the next few months!  Here is a link to my personal Pinterest Board full of funky finger activities!

Other Sensory Dough Recipes:

There are also numerous ways to make playdough, some with lots of salt for making decorations (salt dough), with conditioner & cornflour and I have even seen it made with aqueous cream.  Here are some links to different kinds!

Cloud dough from the Happy Hooligans uses just 2 ingredients (flour & baby oil)

Silky soft play dough from the Imagination Tree – a great recipe from one of my favourite crafty kids websites!  They have even written an A-Z of playdough activities which is definitely worth a read!

Important Info:

This method uses boiling water straight out of the kettle so its not really the best for making with the children, although it does cool quickly so I get the Peachicks to help kneading at the end… If you want the little people to help use cold water to form the ball of dough and then cook in the microwave for 30seconds at a time (kneading a little in between) until you get the right consistency.


Because the Peachicks can get really dry skin I use half the amount of salt of some recipes and sometimes I add a little extra oil – it makes the playdough a bit greasy but the Peachicks get lovely moisturised hands afterwards!

Recipe for Easy Playdough Recipes



2cups Gluten Free Flour

1tbsp Cream of Tartar

1/4 cup of table salt

1/4 cup of vegetable oil

1 cup of boiling water

1tbsp food colouring







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