Ratatouille (Glutenfree Eggfree Dairyfree Vegan) – The Peachick Approved Recipe!

Ratatouille (Glutenfree Eggfree Dairyfree Vegan) – The Peachick Approved Recipe!

Ratatouille (Glutenfree Eggfree Dairyfree Vegan) – The Peachick Approved Recipe!  The dish not the Peachicks’ favourite movie, is essentially a French dish of stewed veggies, the exact origins and traditional recipe* of which are subject to much discussion.  Do you cook the veg separately? together? in the oven? on the hob? chunks? Slices? To be honest the Peachicks are not fussed about any of this – if it looks pretty but has aubergine in it I may as well stick it straight on the compost heap!   It is really easy to make and the recipe in this house changes depending on which veggies came in the veggie box or ready in the garden and which herbs are currently growing (although whether it then still can be called Ratatouille who knows!)  You could probably add beans too, I don’t apparently that’s worse than aubergine.

*If you are interested in any of the various differences between recipes this is quite a good article from the Guardian.  


Ratatouille (Glutenfree Eggfree Dairyfree Vegan) - The Peachick Approved Recipe!


So this is the Peachick Approved Recipe for ratatouille, although I should say none of them eat all of it – each Peachick eats the bits she likes, saving the one she doesn’t and then once they have all finished they swap bowls with whoever has something left they like.  Odd children.  I serve it with boiled new potatoes and either minty green beans or salad.  Daddy Peacock likes his with bread to dunk in the sauce.


This amount usually does all 5 of us plus some for DP’s lunch the next day



P1180217 (2)1tbsp Olive Oil

3 gloves of garlic

1 large white onion

1 red onion

3 courgettes

1 large yellow pepper OR 3 small sweetbite peppers

5 chestnut mushrooms (quartered)

1 jar of passata


Cooking Method:

Ok so finely slice the onions and the garlic and cut the rest of the vegetables into bitesize or larger chunks.


Then you can either put everything in the slow cooker on low for about 4 or 5 hours


P1180242 (2)


In a large casserole pan put a tbsp Olive Oil, the sliced onions and garlic.  Saute over a low heat until the onions are soft and see-through.


Then add the rest of the vegetables and fry until soft stirring every so often so it doesn’t stick.


Pour in a jar of passata then half fill the jar with water and pour that in too!  We then add a sprig of rosemary (and/or thyme) out of the garden.  Simmer for about 30mins until the sauce becomes thick.  Season with pepper.  You can add salt but we don’t ever really use it in this house!


Ratatouille (Glutenfree Eggfree Dairyfree Vegan)


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Ratatouille (Glutenfree Eggfree Dairyfree Vegan)



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17 thoughts on “Ratatouille (Glutenfree Eggfree Dairyfree Vegan) – The Peachick Approved Recipe!”

  • I strugge with ratatouille, I am not that keen on overcooked veg, but I am always happy to try different recipes. Like this esp as I am veggie too. #cookblogshare

    • In the summer I quite like it cold the next day with extra raw veggies in and then toast dunked in it! You can leave the veggies until the last minute if you want them crunchy… to be fair this isbarely still ratatouille there is no aubergine in it!!

  • I love Ratatouille, but hadn’t really considered that there are so many ways to prepare it, I tend to just slice and pop cook it on the hob. Love how your PeaChicks swop bowls to eat what the other has left – so cute 🙂 #CookBlogShare
    Angela x

    • They are so cheeky! I know its essentially just veggie stew we add to ours depending on whats in season… mange tout or snap peas are nice added at the end for some crunch!!

  • This looks really yummy! My kids are just like that – except that none of them will eat the mushrooms and one of them would definitely cry if I served him ratatouille! Must give it a go one day when I’m feeling brave! Thanks for linking up to #CookBlogShare

    • Lol, these kids are definitely a law unto themselves! Mine would cry if I put aubergine in it!! I chop the veg into big chunks for easier picking out or when Alys was little blitzit into ‘tomato soup’ and add more veg she did like… brocoli and sweetcorn mainly!

  • I love ratatouille with pasta although I’m afraid you wouldn’t like my version! It has aubergine in! I’d also happily add a few beans although as you say, if you change it too much it probably wouldn’t be ratatouille any more!

  • Looks like a great ratatouille. I do love ratatouille – I like to add chickpeas to it and serve with couscous – I usually add some cumin and coriander too so it turns into a cross between ratatouille and a tagine. I do love Felicity cloake’s the perfect… series – it’s always so interesting! Eb x

    • oooh that sounds lovely (minus the chickpeas – they make me itchy! LOL!) I had never thought of putting spices in it too! The Peachicks love cous cous its a lunchbox favourite!

  • My family is very health conscious and grows these veggies in their organic garden. This recipe is definitely going into my collection! #yumtumlinky

    • Thank you! My weekend job is to clear the veg beds of the winter rocket & radishes and sit and plan what we are going to grow this year… we have a strip 1mx3m and various pots so we have to be a bit choosy and use a lot of companion planting of lettuces underneath beans etc!

    • It is really good – and such an easy way of getting veggies into the Peachicks who will eat a veggie box raw but can be fussy once they are cooked!

  • Ratatouille is one of our family favourite recipes that I like to make ahead of time! I love this gluten free version too I will have to test it out! Thanks for linking up on #YumTum x

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