Simple Summer Suppers & #CookBlogShare 31

Here’s a lovely collection of Simple Summer Suppers perfect for those scorching, sunny days from the #CookBlogShare bloggers!  From beautiful grilled marinaded chicken & fish, a rainbow veggie Paneer dish to a stunning use for courgettes in the form of zucchini sushi!


Here's a lovely collection of Simple Summer Suppers perfect for those scorching, sunny days from the #CookBlogShare bloggers!  From beautiful grilled marinaded chicken & fish, a rainbow veggie Paneer dish to a stunning use for courgettes in the form of zucchini sushi!


Well hello!

How’s everyone doing?

Safe & well I hope!

Everyone round here is all good, going a little stir crazy but making the most of being outside in the sunshine.  We are cautiously adventuring out and about but staying around here.  We’ve had some lovely trips out to Hillier Gardens, Marwell Zoo and Meon Shore beach, making the most of what summer we have before we get busy again with travelling to work, gymnastics training and school pick ups!


And finally Miss Elodie has got back to gym to training! And oh my has she missed it!


A lovely day out with The Peas at Itchen Valley Country Park! Thankfully we never go anywhere without hand sanitiser so they were able to clean their hands before and after playing on the play equipment.  We always do both as I’d hate for them to be carrying any germs without knowing and leave it for someone else to pick up.


The allotment looks good, although we’ve not spent as much time up there as maybe we could’ve done.  The pumpkins, beans and beetroots look amazing so far!


In other news, everyone in this house is eagerly awaiting the arrival of our copy of You, Me & Food Allergies.  This beautiful book is the latest from Emma (Free From Farmhouse) and is aimed at helping young children learn all about allergies.  We’ve had a sneak peek and it looks amazing! The pictures are stunning too. As an allergy mum and teacher, this book is going to be invaluable!  Hop over to the You, Me & Food Allergies website to find some downloadable resources and more!


Simple Summer Suppers:

So without further ado here is the round up from last week’s stunning entries to #CookBlogShare!

It was such a hard decision to pick, especially considering the large number of absolutely delicious looking ice-cream recipes!

But in the end I decided on this amazing looking collection of Simple Summer Suppers!  I don’t know about you but when the weather is hot and sticky I want to spend as little time cooking as possible!  All of these lovely recipes can either be grilled on a BBQ or inside and they can definitely be packed up and eaten chilled at a lovely outdoor picnic with friends.

1. Zucchini Sushi from Gluten Free Alchemist

Zucchini (or courgettes) are just coming into season now in the UK.  And as anyone who grows them will tell you, a couple of plants will keep you well stocked for a good couple of months!  Down here in the south, we’ve managed to keep plants going until almost November it just depends when the damp Autumn mornings roll in.  Anyway… As No17 ramps up courgette production, we are always looking for lovely ways to use them up.  These sushi wraps look really fun and I like the way they can be filled with basically whatever you want, making them easily adaptable for entertaining!  I bet they are amazing with mushroom pate or a vegan olive tapenade inside!


2. Chilli Lime Sea Bass from Carrie’s Kitchen

We Love fish in this house and Sea Bass is no exception!  Add to that the chilli & lime marinade and this beautiful Chilli & Lime Sea Bass recipe is definitely on my to try list!  The mango salsa sounds amazing too!  If you are catering for vegetarians or vegan, you could use tofu or even courgette!  And for anyone with a soy allergy, simply substitute for coconut aminos or a no-soy sauce alternative!


3.  Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken from Handmade Weekly

Another great recipe, using a simple mix of beautiful flavours to give a lovely twist to your summer suppers and BBQ’s!  Again this marinade would be lovely on a thick slice of courgette grilled on a hot BBQ and served with simple salad or in a flatbread!


4. Paneer Kathi Rolls from Go Healthy Ever After

Honestly, food like this just makes me happy.  So pretty and colourful and full of beautiful flavours!  These would definitely be a winner at a Peachick Picnic and I can’t see them lasting very long!   Because of the way it is prepared, The Peas can eat a little paneer.  I used to love paneer back when I could eat a little dairy, it makes the most lovely vegetarian curries.  If you can tolerate soy, tofu is a good substitute.



If you are just here for the yummy recipes and to find something delicious for dinner then feel free to scroll on past the entry rules and get right to the recipes – although if you do find something you like then social shares are always appreciated by us blogger types!


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Here's a lovely collection of Simple Summer Suppers perfect for those scorching, sunny days from the #CookBlogShare bloggers!  From beautiful grilled marinaded chicken & fish, a rainbow veggie Paneer dish to a stunning use for courgettes in the form of zucchini sushi!


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12 thoughts on “Simple Summer Suppers & #CookBlogShare 31”

  • Your pumpkin is looking most impressive. We have two small orange ones which should be three times the size by now and at least twice as big. We went on a jaunt to Hillier’s last week. We chose the hottest day of the year, so it wasn’t perfect. But the gardens are just lovely. I’m all for simple suppers – good choice.

    • The rest of our pumpkins are looking a little small this year too! Hillier’s is definitely lovely for a good for little wander around!

  • Hi Midge, great roundup! Love the chilli lime seabass. Thanks for featuring my “paneer rolls” recipe. Stay safe and well!

  • I cannot believe how much your girls have grown! So pleased a little normality has returned to the peas routine. Can I just say I thought that your pumpkin was a courgette at first and nearly fell off my chair!!!

    • I KNOW!!!! They are so big now – Alys is 13 in a few weeks and its gone too fast! LOL! I was confused by the green pumpkin too! Doesn’t help that we were given it so I did wonder for a second that it was a mutant!

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