Peachick Diaries: Simply Pure Washing Tablets Review

Peachick Diaries: Simply Pure Washing Tablets Review

When you have itchy-scratchies like I do, everything you do has to be carefully thought out and I mean everything.  Between the Peachicks eczema, my lungs & all our allergies every last part of a daily routine has challenges.  Washing is one of those challenges.  The girls skin is very sensitive, I can’t use suncream on them and bubble bath is just about out the question.  Add to this my lungs and their aversion to just about everything and the marine zoologist in me a good washing powder is quite hard to find!  I was sent two kinds of Simply Pure Washing Tablets to try, a Sensitive Non-Bio and the Pure Hypoallergenic Non-Bio.  The girls skin showed no reaction to the sensitve so not sure if the Pure Hypoallergenic was better for them or not!


Simply Pure non-biological hypoallergenic powder-tabs bulk boxSimply Sensitive powder-tabs


These washing tablets are vegan, contain no phosphates and are biodegradable so all good on the eco-friendly front, according to the Simply website they are used at the Scott Base on Antarctica for this very reason.  Marine Zoologist part of Mummy very much approves!


Great so what about the part of Mummy that does 6 loads of washing everyday?!  Well have to admit she is a big fan too.  The Peachicks have had no problems with using either of these washing tablets which is quite unusual. And my lungs have not taken offence to them either (currently a minor miracle).   I do not use fabric softener in the washing, as it is not suitable for our skin/lungs but noticed that the clothes came out a lot softer than with what we had been using before.  Some of the clothes needed a second wash, (and hang out in the sunshine to totally remove stains) however these were caked in mud and would have needed the same treatment with our last washing detergent.


We live in an extremely hard water area and was impressed as extra tablets were not needed to get the clothes clean. The tablets are wrapped in a film that instantly dissolves in the water (the kids tried in a cup!) which means no powder for mummy to clear up when someone else does the washing!


As these tablets are ‘clean-rinsing’ this has worked really well on the cloth nappies, leaving them soft and no irritation of skin.  The downside is these are fairly expensive BUT when compared to the specific cloth nappy detergent we did use (Rockin Green) they are actually a bit cheaper and unlike that powder, which we had to order online from cloth nappy stockists, you can buy these everywhere!

**If you have ever thought about using cloth nappies on your little people next week (18-23rd April) is REAL NAPPY WEEK.  There are loads of giveaways and great deals to be found so now is a great time to try them!  Find out more from the GO Real website.


***Whilst I was sent these tablets for the purpose of this review all my opinions are my own… after all where do you think the Peachicks got there ‘determined’ streak from?! ***

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