Some Weekend Cooking!

Had a busy week between parents evening and the family and housework!  Daddy Peacock has been in charge this week so we’ve had a couple of take-aways and some chuck it in the oven dinners (fish fingers – Shocking!!).

Sooooo busy weekend of savoury cooking ahead… Curry spiced meatballs, Garlic Mushrooms on toast for sunday brunch and Pasta/Cauliflower cheese without the cheese just waiting for the oven later on today!  And I reckons I’m gonna cook some scones for tea too!

I’m gonna post some photos and the recipe of the cauliflower cheese tonight… would have posted the photos of the meatballs BUT one Daddy Peacock and 3 Peachicks later – there was no meatball survivors!!  Lol!
The recipe for the meatballs can be found here!
Enjoy your weekend no matter what you are doing! xxx

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