Dairyfree Hazelnut & Sultana Scones

Dairyfree Hazelnut & Sultana Scones

Using Hazelnut milk not only makes these Dairyfree Hazelnut & sultana scones suitable for those with allergies & vegan but it makes delicious too!

Scone… or Scone?!  Doesn’t really work in print does it?!  Needless to say they are absolutely delicious – Definite hit with even the scone connoisseurs in this family!  

 Using Hazelnut milk not only makes these Dairyfree Hazelnut & sultana scones suitable for those with allergies & vegan but it makes delicious too!

This is my well used, trusted dairy & soya free scone recipe prepared in a quiet few minutes on a Sunday afternoon and greedily consumed by all with a nice oat milk hot chocolate.  Start to finish it only takes about 25minutes to rustle up a batch of these perfect for when family drop in unexpectedly whether they are dairy/soya free or not! 

N.B  If nuts are an issue simply replace the hazelnut milk with oat milk to make fruit scones.


Recipe for Dairy Free Hazelnut & Sultana Scones

1lb (450g) Self Raising Flour
2oz (50g) Sugar (we use granulated because it cheap and it works fine!)

2oz (50g) Dairy/soya free spread
4oz Sultanas
About half a pint (275ml) Hazelnut Milk (longlife milk shelf with oat/rice/soya milks!)

First job is to preheat oven to 200C.

Now the MOST important thing to remember about making scones is be gentle!  Otherwise you will end up with something that is suitable for a spot of bricklaying!

Rub dairy-free spread into flour gently (Fingertips please!) or pulse in food processor.  It should look like bread crumbs although you may have a few lumps of spread left.

Mix in sugar and sultanas.

Next gradually (and again gently!) incorporate milk until a soft dough is formed and turn out onto floured board.  This will take less than half a pint probably if using dairy-free spread as it is quite soft!

Gently press dough out into sort of roundish shape until just over inch thick (3cm ish).  I should point out the thinness of my dough, the Peachicks prefer smaller scones so I roll out to about half an inch.  The rise you get is much less with a thinner dough (see finished result) but they prefer them thinner so thinner it its… Daddy Peacock does not agree!

Cut out scones using a small smooth sided 2inch cutter – shouldn’t really use a glass or fluted cutter as it seals the sides of the scone and they won’t rise up in the oven and definitely don’t twist the cutter in the dough!

Place on a floured tray, lightly brush with hazelnut milk and bake for about 15-20mins.  The scones should be crunchy outside but lovely and fluffy inside.

Lovely still warm split and drizzled with honey (Biggest Peachick), covered in spread (Littlest Peachick) or with some lovely jam (Mummy & Daddy Peacock).  However you like them I can definitely recommend a nice cuppa or the aforementioned hot chocolate to accompany them!

The scones have risen a little but if you roll the dough thicker
and add extra baking powder they’ll rise even more!

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