So 2014 thus far is the year of teeth… and not in a good way.  We spent New Years Day at the walk-in dentist with the littlest peachick (3) because her back tooth had broken.  We’d known for a while that it was falling apart and had tried (and failed) to find an NHS dentist to sign her (and the rest of us) so off to the walk-in centre we went.  She is unfortunately terrified of loud noises so Daddy Peacock was in charge of this little adventure.

An hour later and a lot of rain dripping through Roxy’s roof (totally other story!) they emerged.  Daddy Peacock had been told she was being neglected and what disgusting parents we were for not cleaning her teeth and feeding her so many sweets…. Ummmm… This little peachick actually cleans her teeth, supervised (can only imagine what she will make of Alys’ teeth!), twice a day and eats sweets on average less than once a week.  Daddy Peacock was called a liar upon relaying this information so complaint pending!

Anyway finally found an nhs dentist who is happy to see all of us despite the lengthy list of allergies we have which is a relief…. (I have had a maternity card for the last 7 years and typically we have just found a dentist just as it runs out!).  She was lovely and has decided Millie will have to have 4 fillings under a GA because of her noise phobia but it will take about 6 months for the appointment to come through.  Apparently it is something she sees all the time with children with severe dairy allergies because the alternative milks are all full of sugar and the children are generally underweight so encouraged to eat 5-6 times a day and lots of carb-filled foods!  Also childcarers generally give dairy/soya allergic children fruit for pudding as an alternative to dairy ones (which protect teeth after food), which doesn’t help!  We were told we had done the right thing by protecting her bones and adult teeth even if it was at the expense of her baby teeth…  but still you tell people your three year old needs four fillings, even those that know about the allergies, and their responses are less than sympathetic  Being the parent of an allergy prone child is just one giant guilt trip after another especially if you are the one they inherited from (yup that’s me!!).

We have now been told….
1.  To use toothpaste of the highest fluoride level possible, (we were already using 1300ppm but have upped it to 1450ppm)
2.  Clean her teeth 3 times a day after food and then straight after she has any drinks of oat milk or sugary foods.
3.  Protect her bones at all costs… teeth can be fixed!!

None of this is going to stop the rest of her teeth falling apart but should delay the inevitable til she’s more tolerant of loud noises.  The problem started long before she was born as any calcium stores I had were used by her big sister and at that point although I was taking supplements they weren’t strong enough.  This means her baby teeth haven’t formed properly, Elodie should be fine thanks to some rather large horse-pills (calci-chews) that I took whilst pregnant and now I’m breastfeeding her.

So far this year we are both feeling more than a bit rubbish about it all.  It seems that your damned if you do and damned if you don’t and there doesn’t appear to be any winning.  Also it can seem sometimes that good support is thin on the ground.  Everyone is either an expert on allergies or a critic which leaves you either being seen as a failure or just mean for depriving your children of certain foods.  Thankfully Daddy Peacock and I have each other – don’t worry I wont go all mushy on you!

Anyway enough of me moaning!  Im off to investigate possible recipes for my birthday cake!  I’m thinking some form of chocolate and hazelnut creation being that I have dark chocolate and hazelnuts in the fridge!  Must be transportable to the zoo for my birthday on Sunday… and no I’m not putting numbers on my cake no matter how loudly Alys shouts ‘Mummy which numbers do you need for your cake?  Do they do them that big in this shop?’  Cheeky Monkey!!

You never know your luck the next thing I post on here might actually be a recipe instead of just another moan!  Lol!

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