The Peacocks are Moving!!

This, I anticipate, will be the last blog post for a little while as we are moving house.. in 10days… I haven’t started packing!! Thankfully only a mile down the road but this still involves my worst nightmare… packing!! I hate packing its just awful – the more you do the less it looks like you’ve done and the box mountain just keeps getting bigger! Then theres the small matter of all things you want to pack but know the minute you do you’ll need them or the kids will start having a hissy fit.  Then there’s moving day… picking up keys, loading vans, looking after kids, throwing the last few bits in plastic bags or random boxes to make sure it goes… aaaaaahhhhh!  Did I mention I hate packing?!

The point is whilst all of this is going on I think the Peachicks Bakery will have to shut its virtual doors but once I have sorted my new kitchen (and dishwasher!!!) I promise I will be back to experimenting and posing new recipes!

See you on the otherside peeps!

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