Tasty Recipes for The Perfect Vegan Mothers Day Tea! (Dairyfree, Eggfree)

Mother’s Day.  The one day of the year I leave Hubby & the Peachicks in charge of the kitchen.  I get some very lovely yummy treats made for me, either breakfast in bed, a Daddy Peacock Roast or if I am really lucky a special Afternoon Tea! This year I have decided to give them a bit of a hand (or should that be MASSIVE hint).  With a little help from some friends I have compiled a list of easy to make, delicious recipes for The Perfect Vegan Mothers Day Tea!  So heads up Daddy Peacock – here is your challenge for Sunday Afternoon Tea! (Just remember the blankets & camping stove so we can find a nice sunny spot on the allotment to enjoy it!)

*all the images in this post have been reproduced here with the kind permission of the photographers*

Scones & Jam…

Noone in their right mind has Afternoon Tea without scones, surely?! I LOVE scones, they are the one thing that I do have to admit that I will have cream on, clotted cream to be exact.  As long as I don’t have too much of it and no other dairy for a few days before or after I can get away with it.  And yes in this house it is served on top of the jam!

There are quite a few different scone recipes on here but I think these Apple & Blackberry Vegan Scones are some of my favourites… these are so yummy.  The blackberries can be fresh off the allotment in Autumn or straight out of the freezer for the rest of the year, it really doesn’t matter!

Vegan Blackberry & Apple Scones

And although the blackberries in these scones do become quite jammy in the oven, obviously scones require extra jam on top.  This beautiful Homemade Strawberry Jam from Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen would be perfect.  I love how the strawberries are left whole in it.  I have to admit that although I have made jam a few hundred times, I had never thought to leave the fruit whole!  Charlotte has even included separate recipes for making jam with frozen strawberries (fab for this time of year) AND without a jam thermometer!

Easy to make, homemade strawberry jam with extra tips for using frozen strawberries, what to do if you don't have a sugar thermometer and what to do if your jam doesn't set.
Image courtesy of Charlottes Lively Kitchen.


Selection of Mini Cakes & Desserts

Ok so after the scones, you need some dainty little cakes or desserts and I have found some real treats!

OMG I MISS meringue!!!  TheseMel’s – Vegan Pavlovas – would be amazing! and have given me the shove I need to remake my macarons using aquafaba for The Peachick Bakery’s upcoming 5th Birthday!!  (embed pin)

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Most people who know me I have two loves in life (aside from my family), and they are cheesecake and coffee!  These next two recipes have both of those covered!

First up is these pretty little Mini Cheesecakes from Nathalie over at the Intolerant Gourmand.  For me it would just need a quick cream cheese switch from a soy based one to Violife cream cheese.

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And here are my coffee cupcakes. Pretty, picture perfect and delicately flavoured with coffee – what more can a Mummy want?!


This battenburg from Rebecca at Glutarama looks so pretty.  As soon as they saw it The Peachicks wanted to make it! It is freefrom gluten, dairy and eggs.  I would think for a nutfree version a coating of fondant icing would work just as well, although alter the overall taste slightly!
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I may have said it before but I LOVE Kate over at The Gluten Free Alchemist’s bakes, they always make me soooo hungry.  Having seen the photos of some of her daughter’s bakes too it seems the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree!  For all you chocolate loving Mummies out there these Mini Vegan & GlutenFree Chocolate Cakes – with Coconut Whipped Cream are sure to be a winner.

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Large Cakes for Sharing:

For a classic afternoon Tea, you cant really argue with a lovely Victoria Sponge.  My version is dairyfree, eggfree and easily adapted to be glutenfree.  FIlled with Charlotte’s homemade jam it would definitely get you some brownie points!


Alternatively for something a little different, how about this lovely Chocolate Beetroot Cake.  Also dairyfree, eggfree and easily adaptable to be glutenfree too!  The beetroot just adds moisture and sweetness as well as making the chocolate flavour stand out even more!

Vegan Beetroot & Ginger Cake

If you can’t decide between chocolate and vanilla, however, this Chocolate & Vanilla Marble Cake (vegan) is a perfect compromise!   For other lovely cake flavours you can find the recipes in the related posts section at the bottom of this one! (The Pear & Fig is particularly yummy!)


Biscuits for Dunking

And because I intend to enjoy at least one cup of tea in bed (or more likely in my chair in the conservatory) before I start work and we then go off to the allotment; I have found some very lovely looking biscuits that I would quite happily dunk!


Free from the top 14 allergens and even refined sugar, these Twix cookies are a must this Christmas!

Emma’s MUM’S EASIEST VEGAN BISCUITS EVER! (I am slightly in love with this tea set too!)

Renee’s Vegan & GlutenFree Almond & Cashew Biscuits


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Fittingly I am going to leave the last recipe just here.  It is from Glutarama again – this is her ‘Nanny’s Orange & Coconut Cake’ and while it would need a few substitutions to make it Peachick Friendly I love the fact the recipe is just a photo of her Nanny’s handwritten one.

Image Courtesy of Glutarama


Happy Mother’s Day everyone.  The Peachicks & I are especially sending lots of love to all the lovely mummies, aunties, grannies of gorgeous angel babies.  xxx

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Tasty Recipes for the perfect Vegan Mothers Day Tea.  With a little help from some fantastic freefrom bloggers I give you a host of dairyfree, glutenfree & eggfree recipes for spoiling your mum this Mother's Day!



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