Vegan Recipes for Afternoon Tea Week (Dairyfree, Soyafree)!

From the 8th to 14th August is Afternoon Tea Week, in this post I list all my top tips for a catering a Vegan or Freefrom Afternoon Tea!  With these recipes noone will ever be able to tell the  difference so there is no need to do separate menus!

Afternoon Tea Week


I don’t know about you but Afternoon Tea has always been for special occasions, and is always the first meal we have on our annual Cornwall holiday. We even had afternoon tea as our wedding breakfast and have been known to treat ourselves to an Afternoon Tea Spa day at Careys Manor!  Mind you it can be hard to find an afternoon tea free of dairy, eggs & soya BUT a Freefrom or Vegan afternoon tea is surprisingly easy to acheive yourself!  There is very little adjustments needed and it means everyone can be accomodated!


For me, the sandwiches for Afternoon Tea must be dainty, with a variety of fillings that don’t fall out everywhere when you eat them and MUST be made with a mixture of soft white and brown bread.  Or for something different the Peachicks love ‘veggie sushi’ (wraps filled with thin carrot, cucumber & pepper sticks, rolled and sliced!)  Gluten Free bread is really easy to find these days, the freefrom aisles of most supermarkets are heavily targeting the gluten free market.  Sadly nearly every single one of these loaves is full of egg, milk & soya making them completely unsuitable for the Peachicks.


Making your own bread is really easy (see these tips from The Hedgecombers!) but a good quality shop bought loaf can be a good substitute. We find it very hard to buy the Peachicks bread due the soya allergy, it seems to be everywhere these days!  However we are big fans of  the Waitrose Love Life sliced bread range as they are generally soyfree, eggfree & dairyfree; like this Stoneground Wholemeal loaf.  If you want to have a go at making your own there is a board for different bread recipes over on The Peachicks’ Bakery Pinterest!


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Our favourite fillings:

  • Vegan Cheese & Pickle
  • Vegan Cream Cheese & cucumber
  • Smashed Avocado & Sweet chilli sauce

And for non-vegan freefrom fillings we like these…

  • Roast Beef & Horseradish (English Provender is dairy/egg/soy free)
  • Ham & Mustard (has to wholegrain mustard!!)


Vegan scones are really easy to make, I substitute the butter for Dairyfree margarine.  This makes a very soft dough so you may need slightly less dairyfree milk.  I either use Koko dairyfree if I want a neutral tasting milk or a nut milk to match the ingredients.  Hazelnut milk goes very nicely in dark choc chip scones!

I LOVE playing with new scone flavours so there are just a few recipes for scones on the Peachicks’ Bakery!  All are dairyfree, eggfree & soyfree although some contain nut milks.  There are so many you are bound the find a flavour to suit every occasion!


The Latest flavour were these very lovely Vegan Blackberry & Apple Scones, made with homegrown blackberries!

P1200690 (2b


And here are the other scone recipes on The Peachicks’ Bakery, for a full list of recipes click here!


Wonder what the official term for a group of scones is?!


Cakes & Cupcakes!

Obviously no afternoon tea would be complete without cake.  But do you go with one big layered cake to slice and serve or with individual cupcakes?  I’m not sure what I really prefer so here is a few of my favourite vegan recipes!


Each of these recipes can be used to make either one layered cake or several cupcakes!

  • Vegan Mocha Cake

IMG_20160116_173544 (2)

  • Vegan Lemon & Blueberry Sponge

P1200159 (2)


  • Vegan Carrot Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

P1180345 (3)


  • Vegan Coffee Cupcakes




Something a bit different..

I think the best thing about Afternoon Tea is that you can play around with flavours.  So if you are looking for something a bit different to the usual scones and cakes how about mini cheesecakes, biscotti or even muffins!


P1180944 (2) pinterest


P1200005 writing


Hopefully that should give you some ideas of how to enjoy Afternoon Tea Week no matter what allergies you have or are catering for!

For more inspiration check out this article on by Mandy over at Sneaky Veg Blog – 18 Vegan Afternoon Tea recipes featuring our wholewheat cheese scones & Vegan Coffee Cupcakes!


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