16 Easy Vegan Recipes for Veganuary

16 Easy Vegan Recipes to kick start your vegan recipe collection.  From easy egg free baking and satisfying lunches to warming, winter comfort food, we’ve got it all, even decadent desserts! AND they are all so simple anyone can make them!


Doing Veganuary? Or just trying to eat more plant based?

Then take a look at our collection of easy vegan recipes!

These satisfying recipes cover everything you need to kick start your vegan recipe collection.  From easy egg free baking and satisfying lunches to warming, winter comfort food, we’ve got it all, even decadent desserts! AND they are all so simple anyone can make them!

So what are you waiting for?!


Easy Eggfree Baking

Baking without eggs doesn’t need to be as difficult as it may seem.  With just a few simple substitutions, you can acheive a beautiful bake that noone will ever know is free from anything.

Easy Glazed Ring Doughnuts (Dairyfree, Eggfree, Glutenfree & Vegan) – Click on photo to find the recipe!


There are a range of egg substitutes you can use for baking.  My favourite is to use a tablespoon or two of chia seeds, either ground or whole, in with the flour.  But there are other ways including those apple sauce pots you wean the small people with, grated vegetables or a dedicated egg replacer like Orgran.  Some people even swear by apple cider vinegar or extra bicarb, but I don’t like the flavour they add to the bakes.

And because of the extra plant based milk you add to the batter, you still get a soft bake even when using gluten free flour .


Simple Breakfast Bake: Vegan Apple & Date Muffins

Perfect for breakfasts on the go, picnics or a much needed mid afternoon pick me up on a grey winter day!  Soft, spicy vegan muffins full of juicy apple chunks and chewy date pieces all topped off with pretty apple slices.   Lovely with added hazelnuts for crunch or your favourite seed mix to keep them nut free.  The recipe also works perfectly with Gluten free Flours so no-one need miss out!


Luscious Layer Cake: Vegan Lemon & Raspberry Sponge

If you’ve got a birthday in January like me, you need cake!  Like this Vegan Lemon & Raspberry Cake.  A zesty lemon cake with pockets of jammy raspberries baked into the sponge and layered with luscious lemon buttercream. Makes the perfect centre-piece for an elegant birthday tea or is sturdy enough to be stacked and covered with layers of fondant for any celebration!



Sumptious Sunday Tea: Aparagus & Cheese Scones

Dairy Free Asparagus & Cheese Scones with their delicate asparagus flavour and pretty little flecks of green chives are a beautiful variation on a vegan cheese scone.  Delicious, fluffy, savoury scones, worthy of any luxury afternoon tea.  Use a vegan feta alternative for a sharper flavour or add finely diced red onion for extra colour.


Delicious Dunkers: Viennese Whirl Biscuits

Glutenfree Almond & Vanilla Viennese Whirls are so easy to make but look absolutely beautiful.  No style over substance here though as they are simply delicious & melt in the mouth!  These are filled with a dairyfree vanilla buttercream and a large splodge of raspberry jam but you can use just about any flavour combination you like!


Perfect pastry: Vegan Apple Crumble Pie

On a cold Autumn Sunday afternoon there is few things better than coming home after a stomp in the sunshine to a slice of warm apple pie or bowl of crumble and custard. But why decide between one or the other when with this recipe you can have both!  Includes instructions for an easy eggfree pastry.


Luxury Lunchboxes to Look Forward to!

There is nothing worse than sitting through a particularly long, boring day at work, knowing that you have an uninspiring, tasteless lunch waiting for you.

Asparagus & Pea Spring Salad with Vegan Cheesy Toasts, an elegant lunch or easy to prepare starter for any occasion! Delicate Asparagus spears, fresh peas and crisp red onion are treated to a light drizzle of oil before being piled high on a slice of crunchy vegan cheesy toast! Delicious and all ready in the time it takes to make a slice of cheese on toast!
Asparagus & Pea Spring Salad with Vegan Cheesy Toasts (Top 14 free, vegan & Glutenfree) Click on the photo to go to the recipe!


For some, the mention of a meat-free lunchbox conjures up visions of just that.  Well, worry not, for here are some colourful, filling and satisfying recipes that will have you looking forward to lunch!

And all of these can be made ahead, saving you time in the morning too!


Satisfying Salads: Roasted Squash, Kale & Grapefruit Salad

This delicious, warm Roasted Squash, Kale & Grapefruit Salad is a riot of beautiful Autumn colours & flavours! Perfect for International Vegetarian Week – and its healthy too! Finely shredded kale, sweet roasted squash, sweet potato & carrots and bursts of sour grapefruit all topped off with crispy kale chips… Who said salads were just for Summer?!


Winter Warmer: Roasted Tomato soup

The beautiful flavours in this Herby Slow Roasted Tomato Soup make for a light & comforting autumn lunch that is naturally free from and suitable for vegans.  It is ridiculously simple to make, packed with flavour, low calorie and is great with pasta or scones too! BEST of all its perfect for batch cooking & freezing for those busy days you need to grab lunch & go!


Picnic Pasties: Beetroot Vegan Sausage Rolls

Perfect for picnics and lunchboxes alike! Crispy gluten free pastry stuffed with a tasty beetroot quinoa vegan ‘sausage’ mix.  The pretty pink filling is flavoured with beets, vegan feta cheese and fresh mint but can be altered however you like.  These hearty vegan beetroot parcels are completely Top14 free and thanks to ready made pastry, a speedy option for any occasion!


Cheeky Chocolate Treat: Vegan Chocolate Banana Bread

Lets be honest, when its cold and grey outside don’t we all just need a little treat?  And it has to be chocolate!  This Vegan Chocolate Banana Bread, a delicious, nutritious lunchbox staple in this house. Full of crunchy seeds, soft dried fruits and chunks of dark chocolate, topped with slices of banana. This quick & easy one bowl recipe keeps well in an airtight tin and can be frozen in slices.  Dairy Free, Nut Free and can be made Gluten Free by using a suitable flour.


Warming, Winter Vegan Comfort Food

A host of recipes that prove that Vegan food is not boring and definitely not just rabbit food! This collection is packed full of the traditional favourites. Those foods that people often miss when they first cut out dairy, eggs and meat.


Protein packed: Vegan Lentil & Vegetable Hotpot

Vegan Lentil and Vegetable Hotpot a cheap, filling and nutritious dinner that will soon become a firm family favourite or student staple! This delicious veggie bake is piled high with soft, delicate lentils and packed full of sweet veggies galore; all smothered in a thick, warming tomato sauce. And if that wasn’t tasty enough, its all hidden underneath a beautiful crispy, melty cheese potato crust! Dairyfree delcious-ness at its best!


Perfect Lazy Sunday: Leek & Potato Pie

Vegan Leek & Potato Pie, the perfect winter warmer for the whole family. A comforting, hearty vegan pie filled with a rich, creamy dairy free white sauce, chunks of potatoes and beautiful British Leeks. Top with a layer of puff pastry – use ready made or make your own!

Vegan Leek & Potato Pie, the perfect winter warmer for the whole family.  A comforting, hearty vegan pie filled with a rich, creamy dairy free white sauce, chunks of potatoes and beautiful British Leeks.  Top with a layer of puff pastry - use ready made or make your own! Dairy Free, Vegan and Gluten Free with suitable pastry!



Slow Cooker Comfort: Mushroom & Lentil Curry

Packed full of plant protein, baby button mushrooms and chunks of seasonal veggies, in a fragrant creamy coconut sauce this glutenfree, vegan Mushroom & Lentil Coconut Curry is sure to become a family favourite.  It is so simple to make and because its better the day after, perfect to reheat in the week.  Best of all you’d never know there is lentils in it because they just disappear, leaving behind a naturally thickened curry. Made from a few simple, cheap ingredients it’s the ultimate freefrom on a budget dinner.


And what Sunday Lunch would be complete without…

Easy Vegan Yorkshire Puddings

Crispy on the outside and beautifully fluffy inside, the perfect accompaniment to a Sunday Lunch.  Sturdy enough to hold a bucket full of gravy and just as good stuffed with bubble and squeak the day after! Vegan comfort food at its best!


Decadent Dairy free Desserts

While the range of vegan meals may be growing, the dessert options are definitely slightly further behind.  Good news is, decadent dairy free desserts can be pretty straightforward and there is nothing that can’t be replicated into a vegan alternative.  The use of Aquafaba (liquid out of a tin of chickpeas) particularly has made things like meringues possible, there is even a whole website dedicated to it!

P1180961 (2)


Date Night: Vegan Tiramisu Dessert

A beautiful Creamy Vegan Tiramisu Dessert with thick layers of Espresso soaked sponge, rich, dark chocolate ganache and a light, cocoa infused cream. Packed full of the traditional flavours you want minus the allergens you don’t! It actually benefits from sitting overnight before serving; the perfect make ahead end to a romantic dinner for two or party for more!


Delicious Dinner Party: White chocolate cheesecake

Aperfect no-bake, make ahead dessert. A creamy white topping with a subtle hint of white chocolate sits over a buttery shortbread base ready for topping with Summer’s seasonal best. Use your favourite shortbread or biscuits to make the base and this recipe is fully customisable for all your dietary needs!



Chocolate Fix: Vegan Raspberry & Mint Oreo Brownies

Dark, fudgy Vegan Raspberry & Mint Oreo Brownies are an impressive yet easy traybake option. Filled with tart raspberries, chunks of chocolate and topped with mint chocolate oreos they’re sure to be a potluck hit. Or serve warm with scoops of your favourite ice cream, squirty dairy free cream & lots of hot chocolate sauce for a great Sunday Sundae!



So there you go! A handful of beautiful, easy recipes to get you on your way with Veganuary! There are loads more on the website, just use the menu or the search bar up the top to find them!

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16 Easy Vegan Recipes to kick start your vegan recipe collection.  From easy egg free baking and satisfying lunches to warming, winter comfort food, we've got it all, even decadent desserts! AND they are all so simple anyone can make them!



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    • Ah good luck! We eat mostly vegan meals through the week but with very few other protein sources me & The Peas can’t do it full time. I have made an effort to use other vegan products like cleaning products & shoes etc. EVery little helps! Glad you had a good holibobs too xxx

  • I’m not doing Veganuary but we are trying to eat less meat and have found by doing that a few of our meals have been accidentally vegan which has been an added bonus. These recipes look so delicious and are great inspiration for people that are trying to eat more plant based meals.

    • Thanks Cat! Its surprisingly easy to eat more plant based meals in a week especially with so many dairy alternatives out there!

    • I think it always surprises people that vegan recipes actually don’t look any different from the non vegan ones!

  • These recipes are really inspirational. I make a lot of vegan soups and salads but haven’t ever tried any vegan baking. The lemon and raspberry sponge is now on my must-try list!

  • Wow!! What a seriously great recipe round up. You have absolutely everything covered! I love the sound of them all. What a great art it is and the knowledge contained here is vast.
    I too have my birthday in January. Three in fact all in one week! Both my children and me. I’m more than slighly obsessed with birthday cakes at the minute! Love your lemon and raspberry show stopper! Happy Birthday! and thank you so much for linking with #BakingCrumbs

  • These recipes are CRACKALAKIN! I watched Madagascar over Christmas, can you tell? Now I only have one link I need to grab quick inspiration for a vegan bite savoury or sweet xx

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