What’s New on the Blog – March Round-Up!

What’s New on the Blog – March Round-Up!

What’s New on the Blog – March Round-Up!  When I first started this website I blogged a few posts a month if that, since moving from Blogger to being self-hosted & relaunching in July 2015 I have made a concerted effort to blog at least twice a week.  I unconciously seem to have made the decision to post one recipe and one general lifestyle type post a week plus whatever else I manage to fit in around work!  Lots of things have changed in the last 9 months both around here and in the way I now approach blogging, the outcome of this is The Peachicks’ Bakery has had more visits in this time (40,000) than in its whole previous lifespan before (15,000 in 2years).  I even went as far as having a logo created for the new website, I absolutely love it and use it in a couple of colour combinations.  The green is my favourite but the pink stands out better!  It was created by a very talented Canadian lady, Vivian, that I found on Fiverr.



I am finding more and more that I forget how many great recipes and posts that I have published over the weeks and months; so here in this moment of non-sleep at 3am I have taken the decision to begin writing round up posts at the end of each month.  I love reading similar round-up posts on other sites, especially when my time is short; there are so many great blogs out there and I wish I could read more!  This the first I have written.  It may be the last but I am a great believer in trying things… what ifs just irritate me, I’d rather look back and think ‘And I did that because…?!’


So here goes…


What’s New?

On the homefront, life is ticking along, we had a lovely Easter weekend mostly spent cleaning the house interspersed with visiting family, trips to Hilliers and the park and film watching!  Daddy Peacock’s kidney stone has finally been evicted after nearly 4 months so he is feeling a lot better and the colds we have all fallen victim to have (touch wood) left the building!  I have had 3 run-ins with peanuts over the last month and weirdly my lungs have behaved, with my eye swelling up, my throat getting really sore and feeling really dizzy… not great to be fair but the consultant I see wont do anything without positive skin prick tests and we have reached a stalemate as to location of where these should be done (looooooooong story!).  The girls had a fantastic parents evening and Elodie is really enjoying the move to Pre-school!

What's New on the Blog - March Round-Up!

This photo from one of our many zoo trips just sums up everything great about this month; good food, sunshine and lots of lovely family time!


From the blogging point of view – the significant development I guess is making a concerted effort to schedule social media posts for each day.  There are loads of apps you can use to do this but personally I use Hootsuite.  Its easy to use and free for up to three social media accounts which suits me.  I use it for Facebook, Google+ and most successfully Twitter.  I settled on those three as I find it a lot less useful for Instagram as you have to use the app on your phone to finish posting.  My phone is very basic, the pictures I take on it are not amazing so until I upgrade, probably not immediately, Instagram is not a priority!

Foodies100 Index of UK Food Blogs


The blog has got a lot of extra traffic this month and is now averaging 100 visitors & 1600 visits a day.  The extra traffic through the blog has helped our Tots100 rank rise from 1416 (Jan 2016) to 899 in March.  Similarly our Foodies100 ranking has risen from 875 (Jan2016) to 494 in March, hence the very exciting Top 500 badge!

TOTS100 - UK Parent Blogs






MAD Blog Awards.

Tis awards season for blogs and for the first time I took the decision to (tentatively) advertise the fact that we would quite like a nomination for 2016.  We were lucky enough to be nominated in the Best Food Blog category in the first week!  There are some amazing blogs out there so it would be great if everyone reading this hopped over and made nominations, there are loads of categories to choose from including Best New Blog, Best Blog Writer, Pregnancy Blog, Craft Blog – the list goes on!   I have done mine and it took me AGES to work out who to vote for!  So go make yours, we’d love it if you would consider us but whichever way you nominate just do before the end of 8th April!!


Tots 100 Awards


My favourite Posts:

This is a tricky one, there are so many lovely recipes on here that I am rather proud of these cute little carrot cupcakes.  They are completely freefrom containing no Gluten, Soya, Peanuts, Nuts, Eggs or Dairy; although there is rice flour which I am not a great fan of!  The cream cheese frosting is lovely and completely vegan & soya free too, being made with Violife Cream Cheese which is coconut based!  They were made late night as Easter presents for the Peachicks teachers and the girls at work so I didn’t manage to get decent photos before they were gone!




As Featured On…

I started this page as a reminder of the kind of posts, recipes and photos everyone else was enjoying about the Peachicks’ Bakery.  You can see the full list by clicking on the title above but here are the additions for March!


A few of our recipes have been featured on a couple of round-ups for the linkies I take part in; the Raspberry & Lemon Vegan Scones as part of FreefromFridays and the The Peachick Invasions:Forges-Les-Eaux was picked as one of the featured posts of the Tots100 Feb Travel Linky Round-up!


I also was lucky enough to feature on Mumma Scribbles as part of the Mumma Scribbles Meets series with the lovely Lisa!  It was fun to look back & reflect on the last 9years of parenthood.  Go hop over, have a read and find out all about me & The Peachicks’ Bakery!  Also have a nose at the rest of the site, it is fab!


In case you missed them…

Here is a list of EVERY post published on the site this month, with links!




What’s planned for April?

The first week of April will be a week off for me, as we are off on our annual holiday to Cornwall.  We LOVE Cornwall and I would love to live there but for the moment family is here, Swindon & London way so we are in a good location but I could see a time when we would probably make a move further west.  Expect lots of posts about our adventures in Cornwall and I apologise now for the deluge of photos of beaches.  Our vague plan includes visits to the Eden Project, Lost Gardens of Heligan, Newquay Zoo and Healeys Cyder Farm, although any recommendations for places to go with 3 littlies & a wheelchair would be great!


There are a couple of posts I know I have to get done fairly quickly, we are currently trying out Simply washing powder so there will be a Peachick Approved Review coming soon!


I am also collecting photos we are sent of other people’s creations using our recipes.  It needs a few more entries (hint hint) so feel free to email or tweet me a picture of how our recipes worked for you!


I also want to get my head around Tumblr and the Parent Blogger Club, I signed up for this week so expect them to feature heavily in next months round up!


Have a great week everyone and here’s hoping for some sunshine!




I am going to link this up to Brilliant Blog Posts over at Honest Mum & Pick n Mix Fridays at Cornish Mum & Mummy and Monkeys!

A Cornish Mum

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4 thoughts on “What’s New on the Blog – March Round-Up!”

  • This is the first time I’ve stopped by your blog but will definitely be back again, so many great recipes!I love the idea of a monthly round up, sounds like you’ve had a good March. I hope you enjoy your holiday in Cornwall, I like St Ives, Lands End and St Michaels Mount whenever we have holidayed there. Have a great April xx #picknmix

    • Thank you! The cakes were lovely & the girls’ teachers seemed to like them too! Looking forward to next picknmix Fridays I love catching up with what everyone’s been up too!

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