Happy New Year & 2016 Round-up!

Happy New Year & 2016 Round-up!

2016 at The Peachicks’ Bakery was not the greatest we have ever had but was by no means the worst.  Looking back over the last 12months here at The Peachicks’ Bakery has been good, I hadn’t realised just how much all the hard work had paid off in terms of extra visitors, climbing charts and award nominations.  And that is all on the minimal hours I have been able to put in.  It has led to me deciding that I need to take it all a bit more seriously.  I guess the thing I am most proud of is finally conquering eggfree baking without needing to buy any processed egg replacers.  With a little help from golden syrup, apple cider vinegar and most of all ground chia seeds I now have reliable eggfree & vegan recipes for cakes, muffins and biscotti!

You can find all my Vegan Recipes here…

Most excitingly The Peachicks’ Bakery was featured on Foodies 100 as part of their ‘10 Fantastic Freefrom Bloggers‘ article! Eeeek!


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I was also shortlisted for 2 awards in the first Allergy Blog Awards, alongside some other lovely and very talented bloggers.  I may have not made the finals but I am definitely aiming for it next year!  Check out the full list of finalists (and go pay them a visit, they are all amazing) here!

2016 in Numbers

I’ll be honest at the end of the year I was feeling a bit overwhelmed between my massive workload and trying to balance it with blogging and having a quality homelife.  I had decided to wind the website down for a few months but something happened over Christmas that made me realise that I can’t leave The Peachicks’ Bakery alone – its an important legacy for my Peachicks after all!

I have even designed a new header!

I also finally worked out how to embed Pinterest Boards and Pins into posts which has helped with traffic to the website too!

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So here’s 2016 in numbers, as reported by Google Analytics, compared to 2015 in brackets:-

Users – 9500 (1000)

Page Views – 21600 (1200)

  • Foodies 100 – December 2016 ranked at #305 (875) with highest rank #277
  •  Tots 100 – December 2016 ranked at #783 (1409) with highest rank #503
  • Social Media Followers – Every network without exception has increased in both followers and engagement.  Hopefully in 2017 I can concentrate on increasing these even more!
  • FoodGawker – I even have had 2 posts accepted by Foodgawker! These Vegan Rhubarb Muffins and recently my Christmas Biscotti! Very exciting!



Top 5 Posts:

Using Google Analytics (which I actually got to work properly now) I found the Top 5 posts written in the last 12months.  The most visited post of 2016 was actually my Slow Cooker Rosemary Lamb Breast which unbelievably got 9776 page views, almost half of the total of the entire website!   I really need to update this post to include a proper recipe! This post was written in 2015, so here is the most visited posts written in 2016!

1. Vegan Christmas Cake Biscotti

I LOVE these Biscotti, they are so pretty and full of yummy Christmas flavours.  Bonus is you really can’t tell the difference between these and Biscotti made with eggs!


2. Vegan Coffee Cupcakes

These were made for my MIL and they are very, very yummy! Perfect for an elegant Mother’s Day Tea!


3. Carrot Cupcakes (Top14 Free)

These were the first time I feel like I had really mastered dairyfree cream cheese frosting and the first time in a long time I had eaten something that tasted just like carrot cake just without risking the need for anti-histamines afterwards!


4. Vegan Pear, Fig & Ginger Cake

I love this cake, it was really yum and used fresh figs when they were at their seasonal best!  The ginger complimented the flavour of the figs really nicely and I can honestly say the cake didn’t hang around for long!


5. Vegan Wholewheat Cheese Scones

These were the first cheese scones that the Peachicks ever ate and they enjoyed them quite a lot!  These were also featured in metro.co.uk as part of a roundup.


And my favourite recipe of 2016? It has to be this Vegan Raspberry & Pomegranate Cheesecake.  Made with vegan cream cheese and coconut milk yoghurt.  Its is nutfree and soyfree and can be easily adapted to be glutenfree too!


At Home:-

Sitting here on the edge of the New Year is always a good time to reflect on the last 12months – most of the not so positives have been related not to the girls allergies but their school’s handling of them.  When Alys was a baby we got no help.  When Hubby ended up in a wheelchair only a few months later and I really struggled to cope noone wanted to know.  When Millie was born the hospital saw the girls once and discharged them because I had allergies and they were being well managed.  NOW after years of sorting it all out for ourselves, when the girls are pretty stable and we have got our heads around it all, school has decided we are incompetent and the Peachicks need to be seen by a whole host of medical types.  This means unnecessary testing (skin prick testing hasn’t been v reliable for them in the past), valuable missed school time, unpaid days off for me and all for what? I’m not going to change their diets at all and if we were vegan noone would force us to feed them eggs or dairy!

Happily though I can say that Daddy Peacock’s Kidney Stones seem to be behaving themselves and he is really happy with his new job.  The Peachicks are doing well at school, Elodie is loving gymnastics and Alys has starting baking cakes all on her own! Their allergies are much more stable and Elodie has even managed to eat a small amount of cake with egg in (that she pinched) without any problems!  My lungs have been behaving to the point where since the end of the summer, I am medication free – as long as I don’t eat or come into contact with any known allergens!



2017 is going to be an interesting year, so many changes will happen, some of our doing, others out of our control. My last Peachick is going to school and by this time next year I will have applied for the biggest Peachick’s secondary school place.  I can with some confidence say I am not ready for either of them!

My blogging resolutions…

  • To set up a designated ‘blogging & photography’ space in the conservatory by converting the Peachicks’ old cot!
  • Climb the Foodies100 chart to get into the top250.
  • Asking for a decent phone for my birthday so that Insta feed doesn’t look quite so much like a trainwreck!
  • I am considering having 2 Insta accounts – one for Peachick Diaries for all their crazy adventures & one for everything food & allergy related.
  • To plan posts in advance!
  • Actually let Daddy Peacock tinker and tweak the website layout a bit.
  • Come April 2017 and the new tax year I am going to register as self employed and start making a few pennies! (Which means a spreadsheet – I LOVE spreadsheets!)
  • Experiment with Gluten free, vegan baking and get more slow cooker recipes posted (its the my most used, most loved kitchen gadget after all!)

And finally, I have a plan to include my teaching and Early Years experience into the website and although it probably wont happen until at least Easter its going to be worth waiting for!


Here’s wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy 2017!

Midgie x


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year & 2016 Round-up!”

  • Fab post, Midge. Love reading these kind of roundups – and writing my own! They are so much fun to put together aren’t they? And when you sit down and look at a whole year, it’s amazing quite how much you’ve achieved. Congratulations on all your successes in 2016 and good luck with all your goals for 2017 – hope you smash them!! Eb x

    • Thanks Eb! I love looking back at all the recipes on here, although it definitely makes me hungry!! Let me know when you write yours and Ill hop over and have a nose! x

  • Wow! Good turn-around! I am really pleased that you have decided to continue with the blog. I love your recipes and your ability in cracking the vegan baking is fabulous. I am always recommending your blog to friends who have egg and dairy intolerances to manage.
    I am impressed with your plans and target-setting for the coming year too. I don’t think I have ever planned anything for the blog (which probably accounts for it’s slow progress!). Good luck with all your plans and have a fab 2017 xx

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