What’s New on the Blog – May 2016 Round Up!

What’s New on the Blog – May 2016 Round Up!

Better late than never here are the Peachicks’ Bakery May 2016 Round up!  Find out where our recipes have been featured, what the Peachicks’ have been up to and what plans there are for next month!

May 2016 Round Up: What’s New?

On the homefront,

May began with a weekend away to celebrate Millie’s 6th Birthday.  It has become tradition to spend the first bank holiday in May at Bristol Zoo.  This is Millie’s favourite.  And then a catch up with my family near Swindon on the way home!

The Peachicks’ review of Bristol Zoo is on its way to being finished, but this photo of the birthday girl is one of my favourites!

Better late than never here are the Peachicks' Bakery May 2016 Round up!  Find out where our recipes have been featured, what the Peachicks' have been up to and what plans there are for next month!

The main attractions for Millie at Bristol Zoo are the giant tortoises, bugs, fabulous reptile house and these….


Other than that May 2016 has been a little quiet, I managed to crack my collar bone by writing off my lovely little Roxy car.  Thankfully the damage appears to be superficial and once we have agreed a settlement with the insurance company she will be fixed up and back on the road!

Alys’ school golf team have qualified for the Hampshire Games after winning a Tri-Golf festival.

And both her and Millie have enjoyed trying out tennis through the free British Tennis lessons!


From the blogging point of view

For the second month in a row the blogging has suffered and I have been snowed under at work.

I decided to take the whole of half term off to be with the Peachicks.  And honestly I’m glad I did.  It was a much needed rest for all of us!  We didn’t really do anything in particular it was just nice to chill and hang out!


The printable recipe on each of the foodie posts have stayed as although I am still not sold on the layout of them a lot of people have said they are very useful!  Tumblr & Klout are still a bit of  a mystery so any tips for using them is gratefully received!


Blog Photography

I have really been concentrating on the photography side of the blog.  I have been pleased with the images of the last few recipes and have taken the decision to submit a few to Foodgawker.  Hopefully, I can get a few tips on how to refine it a bit more!


Ironically as someone who has somewhat of a Pinterest habit, I haven’t really used it for blogging.

So this month I have set up a Pinterest board all about digital photography settings and food styling hop over and check it out!  There is also a particularly lovely collection of Naked Wedding Cakes.  This board is where I have pinned all the inspiration for one of my Bestie’s wedding cakes!


The main change with the photography is I have been thinking a lot more about the staging of the photos.

I am lucky to have a lot of lovely little spaces with good light but hadn’t really been utilising them properly.  I have started a collection of props for the photos too which includes a good stash of linens and various plates!  This post from What Katy Said is quite a good starting point for creating pinnable images!


P1180944 (2) pinterest

Social Media

In addition I have been scheduling posts here and there on Hootsuite for Facebook, Google+ and Twitterpage views for the blog have dropped slightly I suspect because of the lovely bank holiday weather! Mind you during May we had our 50,000th visit to The Peachicks’ Bakery since relaunching last July, switching to self-hosted from blogger has been great.  Twitter Followers continue to grow and as my phone is desparately in need of upgrading Instagram is still less of a priority although I do add a few pictures here and there so hop over and have a look!

Foodies100 Index of UK Food Blogs


Our Tots100 rank has risen from 784 (April 2016) to 503 in the May charts – although this number was 498 so for 2 days we were inside the Top500!  This month the Foodies100 ranking rose only 1 place to 442 but considering how little activity there was on here I was pleased with that!

TOTS100 - UK Parent Blogs






May 2016: my favourite Post



With only 3 recipe posts blogged this month, it was quite hard to choose.  I love the simplicity and speed of the Tuna Pasta and equally the fun of turning a rhubarb crumble into a scone. BUT my favourite recipe this month had to be the vegan cheesecake!  My allergic reactions have been changing a lot over the last few years, presumably in response to having the Peachicks.  And it means I no longer tolerate a lot of the foods I could before.


I really like cheesecake when we go out for dinner. Its always a nice way to end a meal.  But not being a fan of ice-cream and never wanting anything stodgy; cheesecakes are perfect.  Sadly not something I can enjoy anymore.  Discovering vegan cream cheese that is soya free has prompted me to get a recipe sorted and now I have expect a few variations coming to the blog soon!!



May 2016: As Featured On

I started this page as a reminder of the kind of posts, recipes and photos everyone else was enjoying about the Peachicks’ Bakery.  You can see the full list by clicking on the title above but here is the additions for May 2016- infact for the first time ever, every single recipe added to the site this month has been featured somewhere!



These little scones were so pretty and so tasty.  A classic rhubarb crumble and custard dessert, transformed into something special for afternoon tea!  They featured as a Foodies 100 post of the week, and can be found on the recipe wall!


P1180927 (2)


This lovely little bowl of Tuna Pasta is speedy to make and is packed with hidden veggies.  The secret to the dairyfree creamy sauce is the sweetcorn.  Its blizted into the ingredients!  It was picked as a featured post on #HowtoSundays over at Monkey & Mouse.


P1180944 (2) pinterest


And finally in our May 2016 Round up.  This Vegan Raspberry & Pomegranate Cheesecake was featured on both the Foodies 100 Recipe Wall and the Pretty in Pink edition of #FreefromFridays!



May 2016 Round up: In case you missed them…

As all three posts from the blog are listed above I thought I would share a few things I have enjoyed reading this month!


I have loved catching up with the Blog of the month series on Foodies 100.  Especially as two of my favourite bloggers have been featured.  In April it was the turn of The Free-from Fairy and for June it is Charlotte from Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen!

And finally I also enjoyed this lovely little post from Emma over at the FreefromFarmhouse.  All about her first year with her little lady!

What’s planned for June?

June is another bad season for my hayfever and my lungs.  It means what I plan and what actually gets done is two entirely different things!  So far there are a few posts to catch up with from a trip to Bristol Zoo, Crazy Golf with the Peachicks and some lovely recipes planned including vegan biscotti!


It is also the month my friend will hopefully finalise the design and flavours for her wedding cake.  So we are looking forward to an afternoon of cake tasting and wine drinking in the sunshine!!


Expect the Pinterest page to be busy next month.  I am hopefully going to update photos for some of the older recipes I already have pinned.  I am also going to start updating old recipes with new photos.


Have a great month everyone and here’s hoping for some more of this glorious sunshine!




I am going to link May 2016 Round up to Pick n Mix Fridays at Cornish Mum & Mummy and Monkeys! AND #BloggerClubUk over at Cuddle Fairy, Mudpie Friday & Random Musings!

A Cornish Mum

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    • Thank you! I can’t believe my little Millie is 6 already, think she had a good weekend although I still need to organise her party! She wants afternoon tea out with a few friends, so grown up!

  • Happy birthday to your daughter. I hope you have fun celebrating. Sometimes a break from blogging is well needed especially at half term. Those scones sound delicious.

    • Thank you, she had a lovely time at Bristol Zoo, the hotel even had put towel elephants on her bed for her! It was really good to have a break from both blogging and the paperwork mountain that seems to have become my job! x

  • Sometimes it’s nice to take a bit of time out just for yourselves. I love the look of the cheesecake. Like you, I love a slice of cheesecake for dessert!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

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